Sunday, September 12, 2010

What I Want: Vivid Imagination

"I was right there"
     - one of my favorite things to hear

The first thing I want from callers is honesty. After honesty, there's a bundle of things I want. I'll eventually write about them all, I'm sure: smart, articulate, fun, safe, and today's topic: in possession of a vivid imagination.

If I'm thinking about something, imagining myself elsewhere, building a pretend world, I can almost feel it. I have opened my eyes and been a little surprised that I'm still in my guest bedroom during calls, because I was so engrossed in a play space.

I've felt that same impulse from partners during phone calls, and it's delectable. It happens most frequently during guided masturbation, where I'm telling the caller how to stroke himself. I can't help it, I tend to throw in "If I were there, I would..." ideas as well, and if they're well-received, I continue them. When someone says afterwards, "I could feel you," then I know. They were there.

Today, I did a Mrs. Robinson fantasy with a caller who is usually in charge. When he has climaxed before, it has been guttural, deep, and exquisitely timed, but today it was a whimpering, surprised sound, as if he was completely caught off-guard by the whole experience. He was there.

Late one night, a couple of weeks into the job, I'd just started getting surprisingly busy, but hadn't yet figured out how to take enough breaks to get enough sleep or enough food. A repeat caller said I sounded a little tired and asked how I was holding up. I was honest, and after he chastised me with gentle concern in his voice, he said he wanted to help me rest. He bathed me, then laid me on the rug on the bathroom floor and massaged me, pleased me, and held me to his chest to rock me while I released a few surprised tears. When he let me go, I felt cold and physically shivered, then remembered I wasn't actually naked, or wet, or on a tile floor. I was there.

Wanted: Honest callers. Vivid imagination highly desirable. Job description: Be there.


  1. Last night was amazingly honest, quiet, true.

    --Gravely Moon

  2. Grav: I adore your imagination!