Monday, September 6, 2010

Redesign #07

I'm choosing to be optimistic and only give my redesigns two digits, hoping that I will pick a look I like and stick with it before I hit 100 redesigns.

Redesign #07: I've redesigned my "generic" listings to try to intersperse pictures and words more effectively. (My sub, Domme, and spanking listings aren't done yet)

To see the new look, go here:  If I decide I like it still in a couple of days, I'll redo the other listings.

I try not to beg unless we've agreed on it, but I'm dyin' for feedback. Pretty pretty please?

Inner Snark: As always, ya whiney baby.
Inner Editor: HEY! We worked hard on this, it is legitimate to ask our audience for suggestions for improvement.
Inner Snark: You should just admit: you're an exhibitionist. Comments get you wet.
Inner Editor: I ... Why... How... No!...
Inner Slut: (licks her lips) Snark, shut that pretty little mouth before I fill it with something tasty.
Galiana: (giggling) C'mon now, save it for the callers, kids.


  1. ...

    Sweetest Galiana, I do wish you would give that Inner Slut a little more room to speak her mind. I rather enjoyed where she was going with that.

  2. Mr Written, Inner Slut is currently delighted at the amount of freedom she's being given. Please don't feed the animals by encouraging me to give her even MORE driving time :)

  3. The picture-to-text ratio is perfect in it's effectiveness of what a caller can expect when they call you. My preference is "Smart" and "Let's play".

  4. Fred: you're my hero. I was actually thinking of changing the "Let's play" text - I appreciate the perspective tons!!