Wednesday, March 30, 2011

40th Birthday Shoot Summary

At last. At long long long long last, my final blog post announcing a photo set for sale from my 40th birthday celebration photo shoot. This is the last picture set I am putting together, and it's my favorite.

(note about self-management: I knew if I posted this set earlier, I'd quit and never finish the other ones. I have to save the best for last or I lose steam.)

I had such grand aspirations for the shoot: 4 outfits (if you count "naked" as an outfit), and with each outfit, I had:
* a way to masturbate
* a way to look toppy
* a way to look submissive
* a way to be oral
* and unique poses for that set

By the time we got through the first outfit (yellow), I realized that I had grossly underestimated the amount of time we needed, so things got thrown off the train left and right. And nobody brought snacks, so by the time we were in hour five, it was 2 in the morning and we were all loopy and making bad decisions about what would photograph well, and about how much stamina I had left it me.

But wow, was it fun.

My photographer, the incomparable Vivian Ronelle (, and her very temporary assistant (my husband) kept me on track with the next thing to shoot, and kept me in great spirits. Even though we had only planned for three hours, Vivian was generously able to expand the time.

And my husband was a trooper; he was cheering me on, riling me up, tying me down, and looking proud the whole time. And, of course, trying to get me to flip him off, because he thinks it's cute when I look mad. Grrrr.

When you buy the set and view them on my online gallery, each picture has a bit of an explanation on it, like they do here on the blog, so it really is the little story of a long, happy, celebratory evening.

The pictures for sale are 4.5 times larger than these preview sample pictures, so there's phenomenal detail.

40th BIRTHDAY SUMMARY 43 pictures. 2048 px. $15.

These 43 hi-res pictures are of me in all four outfits, including me naked, enjoying my first professional five-hour photo shoot. From the start, in yellow, having a warm-up orgasm with the Hitachi wand, to break the ice and relax me:

 ... to the pictures that showed me beauty in myself that I didn't know I possessed:

... and flashes of a mature sexuality that befit my age:

... as well as a playfulness that belies my age:

Purchase 40th Birthday Summary by clicking here (especially if you never got me anything... /grin):

I had such an amazing night. I am so incredibly grateful that I had the means, the imagination, and a damn good reason to feel so celebrated and so beautiful the week of my 40th birthday.

Every woman should be so fortunate.

Laughing Set

During my 40th birthday celebration photo shoot, of course there were times when I totally lost track of whatever it was I supposed to be doing and just burst into laughter... because that's just who I am. Thankfully, my photographer thought those moments were worth capturing.

The pictures for sale are 4.5 times larger than these preview sample pictures, so there's amazing detail.

BIRTHDAY LAUGHING 34 pictures. 2048 px. $10.

These 32 hi-res pictures are of me in all three outfits, plus some naked, cracking myself up. Not quite able to look threatening while flipping someone off:

... or laughing at someone else's joke:

... or feeling awkward after hog-tying myself and not-quite-completely flipping myself over (yes, they were refusing to help me until she got the shot at this point):

... letting myself be distracted by my creepy, uneven eyes during the change of outfits:

... and basking in happy post-Sybian-ride orgasmic bliss:

I admit: I pick my friends and lovers based partially on whether or not they consistently make me laugh. So if you like your Galiana goofy, purchase Birthday Laughing by clicking here:


I'm so excited to do the rest of the blog posts to announce the last of my picture sets from my 40th birthday celebration photo shoot!

These "Pinup" sets are of the happy, flirty shot in each outfit, along the lines of classic pinup poses. All three sets have fantastic shots from behind, or of me lying on my tummy, for those of you who enjoy such things (I know, nobody who reads this blog likes women with big round buns, but I thought I'd say it just in case... /grin)

The number before the "px" indicates that all pictures in the set are at least that many pixels tall or wide. That means the pictures for sale are 4.5 times larger than the sample preview pictures below. The detail is fantastic.

PINUP IN YELLOW 34 pictures. 2048 px. $10.

These 34 hi-res pictures are of me in yellow lingerie and cream satin kitten heels, looking relaxed and happy:

... and about as sweet as cotton candy: 

... oh, or maybe I mean a lollipop (we all know how much I love things in my mouth):

You may have noticed: my breasts are practically spilling out of the bra, because I bought this lingerie before I did the official bra fitting and realized I was buying 1-2 cup sizes too small. Oops. So if you like your Galiana cute and tasty, purchase Pinup In Yellow by clicking here:

PINUP IN PURPLE 44 pictures. 2048 px. $10.
These 34 hi-res pictures are of me in a purple babydoll nightie and grey silk high heels. I do love what it does for my boobs:

... and the matching thong is sweet, too:

... the set includes a few shots of me attempting to masturbating standing up (which I'm not very good at, but it felt great) with my favorite pink-egg-on-a-stick vibrator:

With the headband and the chandelier earrings, I was going for a gypsy vibe, and I think it worked. So if you like your Galiana a little sultry, purchase Pinup In Purple by clicking here:

PINUP IN RED and NAKED 35 pictures. 2048 px. $10.
These 35 hi-res pictures are mostly of me in my red and black corset, fishnet stockings, and black vinyl platform ankle boots. The outfit made me feel saucy:

... but to show off my geek side, I posed with a rare early D&D book that my husband has. No, I've never read it. Yes, that makes me a poser. But I understand how to read it, and I have played table-top RPGs before, and I know that my dump stat is Dexterity. Does that help?

... and then I did a few pinup shots when I was completely naked. I had to crop the picture to put it on the blog, but trust me, in the picture package for sale, it's all there.

My makeup was getting darker and messier throughout the night (by design), so I'd look more and more fuck-scrambled. So if you like your Galiana a little roughed-up, purchase Pinup In Red and Naked by clicking here:

I think these are the pictures that I return to when I'm not feeling sexy, to remember that I have it in me to be a siren, a sex kitten, or a wind-up playmate, and that I love doing so!

Monday, March 28, 2011

Subby With Hubby

Warning: Those of you who like to pretend that I am never with another man should skip this post.

I have a new picture set up for sale, called "Subby With Hubby", which is way too cutesy, but once I thought of it, I couldn't let it go.

During my 40th birthday celebration photo shoot, I needed some assistance with the portions of the evening where I was being submissive, and my husband was kind enough to offer a helping hand.

He helped position me when I was clamped in yellow:

He helped bind me when I was hog-tied in purple:

He helped put a big ol' handprint on both sides of my ass (most of the picture set is him spanking me HARD, twice, me reacting, and then me showing off his "handiwork" as it reddened up nicely):

He helped splash me with wax at the end of the night (although we didn't get very far because we'd been photographing for five hours, and the candle had to be really close so we didn't mess up the photographer's kitchen, and the heat was too intense for me on my breast, and all of a sudden, I was DONE... but my boobs do look kinda awesome when I'm lying on my back on a towel on the kitchen floor):

My personal favorite picture of the entire night: after the spanking (two swift strokes with NO warmup), he felt a bit bad, so I assured him I wasn't mad, and the photographer caught it. Awwww:

There are 57 photos in the set, all 2048 x 1364 or 1364 x 2048 pixels (that's more than four times larger than these preview pics), so there's at least one detailed picture of every part of my body in this set. Ass-lovers and spanking fans will be especially happy, I think.

The set is just $15, which includes a lot of pictures, high quality, and a wide variety of shots. If you like your Galiana submissive, turned on, and writhing in (pain? / pleasure?), purchase by clicking here:

Sunday, March 27, 2011

NiteFlirt Down!

The NiteFlirt site just went down, but as a friendly reminder: you can call me at 1-800-863-5478 ext 94-63-25.

And I'm definitely in the mood for calls today - I feel like I'm at full energy, with a mind full of naughty ideas, and NO desire to keep working on other things, so please, interrupt me!

Follow-Up Mea Culpa

I'm over a month behind on my follow-up notes, because I was already behind when I started the process of moving, and once I got moved and rested enough, I chose to finish up some even-more-overdue picture sets.

Sorry they're so late. I'll do my best to make them worth the wait this round.

For new clients, let me explain my follow-up notes: they contain at least one large picture of me, and sometimes more. Often I send an additional extra-naughty picture for people who have left me official feedback.

And my follow-up notes include your name and a personalized thought, so you know it's not bulk mail (unless I don't know your name and you bought something from me without us talking, in which case, I don't know enough about you to personalize the follow-up).

So if you're in the mood to get a special Galiana note then next time I send them (next week, hopefully - fingers crossed...), then call me or send me a Tribute, or buy something (there are currently 37 things to choose from here) if you haven't done so for the past month.

And if you have a special request about what kind of picture you'd like to see in your thank-you note, let me know, and I'll do my best to accommodate!

Topping and Subbing Picture Sets

In keeping with my tagline ("a Phone Sex Operator with a fetish for variety"), when I had my 40th birthday celebration photo shoot, I made sure to get pictures showing my dominant side and my submissive side in each outfit.

Some of these picture sets are now for sale for the first time as of this weekend, and some of them have already had their own dedicated blog post introducing them, but I wanted to put them all together in one blog post... and here it is!

The number before the "px" indicates that all pictures in the set are at least that many pixels tall or wide. That means the pictures for sale are many times larger than the sample preview pictures below, and show much more detail, much more clearly. 

The price is $10 for each set, except "Mistress In Red" where I felt the variety and quantity justified a higher price of $15.

MISTRESS IN RED 39 pictures. 2048 px. $15. (new!)
These 39 hi-res pictures are of me being toppy in my red and black corset, fishnet hose, and black latex ankle boots. The fun includes me growling:

... flipping you off:

... brandishing a flogger:

... and threatening an inadequately small penis-ish attachment on the Sybian with my boot:

This is the most varied set in terms of poses, expressions, and activities. So if you like your Galiana tough, purchase Mistress In Red by clicking here:

SUBMISSIVE IN RED 37 pictures. 2048 px. $10. (new!)
These 37 hi-res pictures are of me in a red corset and fishnet stockings and vinyl ankle platform boots, on a kitchen floor, obeying commands to masturbate:

... and then to kneel:

Pictures include bare pussy and ass in a few shots. So if you like your Galiana turned on at being ordered around, purchase Submissive in Red, by clicking here:

BONDAGE IN RED 37 pictures. 2048 px. $10. (new!)
These 37 hi-res pictures are of me in a posture cuff, wrist cuffs, a ball gag, a corset, and fishnet stockings. My expressions range from frightened:

... to amused:

... and maybe a bratty moment or two:

A friend of mine said of these pictures, "You don't look like a damsel in distress. You look like a superhero about to escape." So if you like your Galiana tied up and gagged, regardless of the outcome of the story, purchase Bondage in Red by clicking here:

FLOGGER IN PURPLE 22 pictures. 2048 px. $10. (new!)
These 22 hi-res pictures are of me, in soft purple babydoll lingerie, wielding a flogger:

... or two:

... and flipping some birds.

The photographer and her aide (my temporarily conscripted husband) loved the "perverted cheerleader" vibe of me happily twirling two floggers. So if you like your Galiana playfully threatening, purchase Flogger in Purple by clicking here:

Stern In Purple 23 pictures. 2048 px. $10. (new!)
These 23 hi-res pictures are of me, in soft purple babydoll lingerie, looking more strict than normal: 

... more stern than normal:

... and maybe even a bit haughty:

Pictures include two shots of my bare ass. So if you like your Galiana judgmental, purchase Stern in Purple by clicking here:

Bondage In Purple 20 pictures. 2048 px. $10. (new!)
These 20 hi-res pictures are of me on my tummy in soft purple lingerie and grey silk heels, blindfolded and hog-tied by scarves, with a leather bit gag. Chesty from the front:

... or showing off my ass (there is a thong there, so technically it's not nudity...):

I designed the bondage pattern, and loved being in the tie - I was enjoying squirming against the restraints so much, I almost didn't want to get out of it. So if you like your Galiana helpless, but well-displayed, purchase Bondage in Purple by clicking here:

Strap-On In Yellow 25 pictures. 1024 px. $10.
These 25 high-res pictures are of me in yellow lingerie wielding my bright blue Feeldoe, both as a weapon:

... and for naughtier uses:

I love using the Feeldoe (on women and men!), and I love the point-of-view feeling to this set, as well as the contrast between the sweet lingerie and the mildly threatening nature of a strap-on. So if you like your Galiana geared up for action, purchase Strap-On In Yellow by clicking here:

Subby In Yellow: 34 pictures. 1024 px. $10.
These 34 high-res pictures are of me being submissive in sweet yellow lingerie: blindfolded, gagged, with clamps on my nipples and labia (including close-ups). I can't show the clamps, but I can show myself gagged with my own panties:

... and my face when the clamps came off (pain and relief):

I love how these came out - I chose the most brightly-colored BDSM implements possible to complement the innocent-looking yellow lingerie, and the result was exactly what I hoped: a candy-colored painslut. Torture never looked so sweet! So if you like your Galiana flooded with adrenaline, purchase  Subby In Yellow by clicking here:

As if this post weren't complicated enough... if you want to read about why I consider topping and subbing flip sides of the same coin, please do so in this blog post.

Or, if you want to read my first published erotica, from 2002, which explores my very earliest feelings about taking control in a BDSM setting (I started as a submissive), read "Enriched" from the Exotica archives at Clean Sheets.

For me, playing with control, pain, and emotional intensity add delicious flavor to a sexual experience. I'm glad I managed to capture a few expressions of my enjoyment to be able to share them with you.