A very few of my favorite feedback comments (sometimes edited for spelling and/or punctuation), with the date, which listing it was in, and anything else I feel like saying about it, from newest to oldest.

"The perfect patient to my evil doctor... she slips effortlessly and sexily into any role I suggest... the perfect playmate in this wonderful world of erotic possibility."
8/21/2010 - BBW - The hinted possibilities are endless, and the caller knows just how to take perfect advantage

"Galiana is a Fantastic flirt. Very intuitive and sexy. Also, very considerate to your needs. She wants you to be happy, no doubt. She loves to have fun too!"
8/21/2010 - Submissive Women - I love that he could tell how much I enjoyed myself with him

"<tipping the hat to the lady> An excellent conversation. Will be calling again."
8/18/2010 - BBW - The hat tip is adorable,  as if I am in an 1800s brothel, grinning at the door of my boudoir as I bid him adieu

"I never talk to girls after I cum but I taked Galiana for awhile...could have talked all day. Such an awesome body...think I'm in love:)"
8/7/2010 - BBW - So charming and heartwarming, and I do so love afterglow chat

"Pictures of Ms Galiana are incredible! Clearly of her, in a variety of sexy poses and dress/undress, these photos made for a satisfying session--"
8/2/2010 - BBW - Such a great summary of what I try to do with my photo sets

"Ms Galiana is truly one of the best on Nightflirt! Deliciously decadent, intelligently perverse, youthful energy combined with experienced kink! 5, 15, 50 stars would barely begin to pay appropriate tribute!"
8/2/2010 - BBW - Such a great summary of who I try to be

"Truth in advertising! Galiana is smart and fun (and a whole lot more). I had a great time talking to her as I decided what direction I wanted the call to go, then the role play developed with input from both of us for a truly great experience."
7/31/2010 - Submissive - Love his description of co-creating an experience

"Witty, sexy, fun, and completely into my fantasy. She's a great flirt and a very satisfying phone fuck."
7/30/2010 - BBW - Starts sweet and heady and ends with a startling rawness... just like that call did

"Very sexy voice, great imagination, and a deep thinker. She ran right along with my questions and fantasy, I will be calling back."
7/25/2010 - BBW - Perfectly described a great call - we talked deep and played well

"WOW! Galiana is awesome. Great story teller, does everything you ask of her and loves to be spanked. What a combination!"
7/22/2010 - Spanking - I love co-creating stories, and feeling my bamboo spoon smack my skin

"Does all you ask and then some. She got the details right the first time. Great call and will be a call back."
7/17/2010 - Submissive - My first feedback with specific praise - such a confidence boost