Friday, September 17, 2010

Safely Abroad

Okay, maybe we're not "abroad" since we just drove 3.5 hours, but we are safely at our destination, and plans are being made to start the day. We traveled late last night, got in at 2:00 am, so we're starting late.

I dreamed of a group of men surrounding the bed, holding me down and holding me open, but gently. They were just starting to get beyond teasing me when I woke up. That's gonna make me feel naughty all damn day.

So then I called room service to get lunch. The man who answered sounded young, college age-ish, with a sweet softness to his voice, and an accommodating demeanor when I told him what I wanted for lunch.

I had a viscerally strong urge to tie him to a bed and get myself off on his fingers while I asked him if he wanted to taste me or feel me ride him, taunting him with the threat that it probably wouldn't be allowed.

Maybe I shouldn't order food when I'm like this, what do you think?

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