Thursday, September 9, 2010

Pics Of You

I love getting pictures from the people who call me.

First, it's great to put a face with a voice, so all of you don't look like generic mushy blobs in my head. Second, it's FASCINATING to see how close I am when I guess.

I was closest with "Inception Guy." But before I got his picture, I knew he was a programmer from the Midwest. Since my first career, as an IT professional, started in Chicagoland, how far off was I going to be, really? He looks like the type I usually date, just like I thought he'd be.

When callers cross-dress, I love getting pictures. After all, they've gotten all dolled up, and I know I love sharing when I dress up. Plus, I've ended up getting fun tips on how to apply makeup and where to shop online, so it's a huge win-win. My favorite was a picture where she had written "whore" down her arm in lipstick, and I asked if she wrote it backwards or flipped the picture on the computer. She was excited that I knew how difficult it is to write on yourself in a mirror so that it comes out right in a photo! It did not distract one bit from the beauty of that corset. (Not jealous, not jealous, not jealous...)

Then there was "Sweet And Slow," who I got utterly wrong. We started on the phone, and he was telling me with his soft voice how much he enjoyed my pictures, and we were savoring each other, building up slow, just getting into such a sweet space. In my head, he was a short-ish white guy with smushy lips and a bit of a beer belly and a gentle hand shake. He asked if I could hop online to watch his cam (which I love doing, so yes, of course!).

And DAAAAAAAMN. That tender, soothing voice was coming from this HUGE black guy in fantastic shape, with a HUGE cock. He's probably 6'4", and he can palm a basketball, and yet, when both fists are wrapped around his meat, there's still dick to spare. Off the fucking charts. Plus, he has this gorgeous, adorable face to go with that smokin' hot body. Since then, he's sent me more pictures, and now I pull them up whenever I'm doing a BBC fantasy with someone else.

So yes, please, feel free to send me pics of yourself if you wish!


  1. Galiana. This is "Sweet and slow". I still enjoy this blog entry. I hope you enjoyed all the pictures I sent.

    As you know, I'm not on NF anymore. I just left because I was tired of it. I may come back but I don't know. I do see you have a cam listing now. Glad to see that's up and running. Though the few times that I begged to see you on cam.

    I'll try to comment more often. See you around.

  2. Hey Frye! Good to see you, hon! I totally understand if you want to stay away, but I'd totally love it if you would pop in! XOXO

  3. If you ever want to keep up with me. I am on twitter. I added you.