Saturday, July 30, 2011

Stuff to Buy Reorg

I have reorganized my Stuff to Buy page (Stuff to Buy) so now the main page has info about custom pricing, but then splits into three pages to list things for sale: MP3s, Photo Sets, and Videos.

Even though I only have 2 MP3s available at the moment, it still had to be the first page because I needed them to be alphabetical, even though videos sell better for me than photos MP3s. I am slightly annoyed by my own impracticality on that issue...

I'm sure you've noticed the flurry of pay-to-view announcements lately on my blog. The truth is, I had a few things holding me back from producing more content: My "Stuff to Buy" page was a mess and it made me cringe to add things to it, my ordered list of what to do to publish new content was a mess and it made me cringe to follow it, and I had a backlog of stuff I'd already shot that was in various stages of having been produced and it made more sense to me to finish those before I started others.

So I have now finished publishing all the pay-to-views (PTV) that I had started, although I have a few more to announce on the blog (I wanted to intersperse with other types of blog entries as well so the blog isn't solely comprised of pay-to-view announcements). But the hard stuff of editing, listing on NiteFlirt, etc, has been completed.

I swing back and forth: sometimes, I feel like I should just stick with the phones, because it's simpler to get sexy and log in than it is to make content. Then I'll sell some content when I'm away from the phones and feel like I should continue to provide those other revenue streams for myself.

It's all opportunity cost, right? If I spend my energy on my PTV content, I would probably lose my phone sex audience. My phone sex audience likes having stuff to buy, but there aren't enough of them to support making content unless I spend energy promoting my pay-to-view content. It's complicated.

If I were to keep the Fuckatorium in a video-ready state all the time, it would be easier. But I let the dogs play tug-of-war with ropes in there, which fray and leave strings on the carpet. And I have piles of clothes in various levels of put-away-ness (laundry is my nemesis!). And I'm not sure I'm happy with the way the room is arranged for video to start with...

The tortured life of The Girl Who Never Thinks Her Stuff Is Good Enough, right?

Regardless of all my insecure whining, I would appreciate it if you would drop by the rearranged Stuff to Buy pages and tell me if you find them easier to use now. And also, you know, if you want to tell me that seeing all those thumbnails of me drives you complete insane with lust, I'd be up for that, too. Thanks!

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Video: Submissive Slut

I'm pleased to announce my bounciest, ditziest, cutest, perkiest video yet: Submissive Slut Awaiting Master's Visit.

It's a custom video, and the instructions were:

* dress as cute as you can get: pigtails, your glasses, and girly lingerie (check)

* act out the scenario of: you're my submissive slut, and you're telling me how much you're looking forward to my visit this coming weekend (check)

* look sweet and innocent, but talk filthy (check)

* if you can gag on a toy or play with your pussy, all the better (oh hell yeah check)

I was kind of hopped up on caffeine and adrenaline when I shot this. I'd been thinking about sexy things all day and changing into a series of sexy outfits, so I was dying to get off. It was super-easy to let my favorite clit-stimulating pink egg vibrator do its thing while my shoving my favorite cock-substitute red vibrator down my throat.

Ahhhhh, it feels so nice to return to the basics, doesn't it?
Although the runtime is only 5:29, I did manage to have a genuine orgasm on video (and momentarily forgot to keep looking at the camera... some day I'll behave like a pro, I'm sure).

I am in constant motion in this video, never a still moment. Although it is more pronounced in the video than in my usual demeanor, this is absolutely an accurate glimpse into how incredibly damn wiggly I am when I'm turned on.

More than one person with the intention of dominating me in a BDSM way has paused to laugh at me and tell me some variation of, "I'm not sure I can beat you because you look so damn happy." This video captures that side of me exceptionally well.

If you wish to purchase it, it is $10 through NiteFlirt: click the Buy Now button and it'll be on its way to you in a jiffy.

Wow, talk about being the exact opposite side of the coin from my last post, isn't it? Fetish for variety indeed!

Ms Galiana Reborn

I am pleased to announce the renaming and rewriting of my dominant listings. Please welcome Ms Galiana:

I had angst about this rename and rewrite. Many of the common possible titles (like Mistress, Goddess, Domme) felt too limiting... yes, I can be that role, but I can also be the others. The previous name, and listing text, felt dishonest, like more a reflection of what I saw others doing than what I was truly interested in doing myself.

This version of the listing is me. And apparently, "me" is seriously damn verbose. My angsting seems to have resulted in a metric fuck-ton of text; more of a novella than a phone sex listing. I included a few good pictures to balance, but I probably over-explained.

However, for someone interested in establishing a complex dominant/submissive relationship, it is also possible that level of detail is appropriate, and perhaps even necessary. That's what I'll tell myself to avoid another rewrite any time soon, anyway.

The rates are significantly higher than my Smart Fun Galiana listings, because I expect to get fewer calls, and from a different crowd. It takes more energy and concentration for me to lead than it does to follow and enhance, because I have to keep track of all the hot-buttons and quirks and budgets and moods... So if it's not as popular, so be it, but I think I'm worth that much when I am in that role.

I've tried this before, having multiple logins, and I didn't get very far. I got a bit overwhelmed by the multi-login logistics, but also, I found myself so unhappy with the listing as it was written that I avoided identifying with it. Silly me.

Hopefully this time, I have set the stage appropriately, and Ms Galiana will enjoy a long, healthy, prosperous life with a delightful stable of playthings at her beck and call. Mmmm, that's a tasty thought right there, isn't it?

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Video: Paralegal Humiliation and Blackmail

You've been a bad boy, haven't you? First, you took credit for my work on the case, then you lied to me about your marital status, and last, but certainly not least, you are working with a seriously under-equipped little partner there in your pants, aren't you?

Tell you what, you just sit back and enjoy this video conference call where I do a strip tease for you on company time, and I'll make sure and save it with no audio so HR and the senior partners can get a good long look at it, if you don't give me what I'm demanding...

I was in quite a mood when I shot this video, thinking of a caller who is a lawyer (and I used to do litigation support, so the jargon is actually legit), who will likely be both horrified and fascinated by it. The humiliation includes legal incompetence as well as small penis humiliation. I think I had some leftover hostility from my old job!

I know there are more images in the gif than usually available for most clips that only run 6:22, but I had a ton of fun shooting it, and couldn't choose only a few looks.

I think I look kind of adorable in this one, if I do say so myself, but what I'm saying definitely shows that I'm not someone you want on your bad side!

It's available for $7 via NiteFlirt:

Secrets and Exposure

Here's the deal, blog readers, I tell you a lot. I mean, a ton. I tell you so much that some would argue I probably turn some of you off because I spill my guts all the time.

We've grown to trust each other, right? I mean, you get me. You understand my compulsively narcissistic need to have callers whisper in my ear references to my blog posts, don't you? Because that is seriously, blindingly, searingly hot when that happens. The other day... oh, no, wait, stay on topic.

So, um, I... I have a confession to make. I have to keep a secret from you. It's not that I don't trust you, because I totally do. But there are these annoying things called traffic leaks ... If I link to a competing site on this blog, my NiteFlirt listing could get pulled, because I link to the blog from my listing. It makes sense, doesn't it?

So the truth, as much as I can tell you, is: I've been wandering a bit, trying out other spots, uploading pictures and videos to other venues. But in general, other places don't pay as high a percentage as NiteFlirt, they don't pay as often as NiteFlirt, they don't generate the same kind of traffic as NiteFlirt ... so I'm not interested in jeopardizing my NF relationship in any way.

Plus, you're better off calling me and buy my pay-to-view items via NF, anyway, because my rates are higher elsewhere to make up for the hassle of having to keep track of multiple logins. The pattern for taking calls elsewhere seems to be that I try it for a few days, get annoyed again, and go back to only logging in to NF as usual.

So far, it's just been more work, with little additional income, but I'm going to keep at it for a while, and do some follow-up marketing-ish activities, at least with the pay-to-views, in case it brings new exposure. In the meantime, it has the benefit of helping me feel like I'm getting a few long-standing organizational tasks knocked off my to-do list, and that part feels great.

Plus, I've learned the fine art of making animated gifs!

This one is my favorite, the gif for the Galiana-bot Demo 01 (and here's the link to buy it if you're interested and haven't bought it already):

It does a much better job of capturing the best moments of the video than the auto-generated animated gifs. Plus, animated gif "previews" are way way way way way way easier to make than video trailers, but I feel like it's an acceptable enough substitute to be willing to settle for it, so yay.

Oh, dear, I'm sorry... is the flashing images of me unzipping my body suit and grabbing for balance mid-orgasm is distracting for you? /grin (Okay, so, totally, I'm not sorry about that at all)

So that is what I've been up to for a few days' worth of between-call time now: learning how to make animated gifs, setting up storefronts, and uploading stuff. Now you know... mostly. I feel better now that we've cleared the air with that, don't you?

Sunday, July 24, 2011

The List

When we moved to Houston, we managed to sort/categorize/cull about half our stuff (which is fucking miraculous considering we had two weeks' notice), and I've been slowly sorting through the rest since the move, including prepping old computers for donation / recycling.

I found The List.

You know, THE List! Of course you know which one I mean ... /grin. Sure you do. THE LIST: the names of all the people I've ever had physical sexual contact with!

Ohhhhh THAT List.

My version of The List is ridiculously overcategorized. The rows are numbered, then there's name, Location, Year(s), Base (as in: 1st base is kissing, 2nd base is clothes off but no orgasms, 3rd base is orgasms but no penetration, 4th base is penetration, and then 5 means anal sex so I could categorize that separately), and then a column for each of 2nd, 3rd, 4th, and 5th to let me quickly figure out what my total is for that "base" (although with five, I should call it something else, but it's my spreadsheet, so shut up).

It's possible that thinking about the people I kissed in high school makes me juvenile. Sure. I'll blame that.

I started The List when I got to 3, in the back of my diary, and I've kept it in one form or another since then. I thought I had lost it, but the spreadsheet version was on a computer I hadn't used since 2006. Whew! I never would have remembered half of it, but the memories are too fun to have lost.

My List includes such first-base-only gems as "Dean (Crawfish Festival)", "Mike (U of H)", and "Jim (from Numbers)". Numbers was an all-ages dance club in Houston I frequented in the late 80s. I never learned their last names. But hey, at least they were only kissing, right? So I don't claim too much slut cred with those.

But "Random Guy (Galveston)" was third base. I find it amusing I had to qualify beyond just "Random Guy", but apparently that's because the very next entry is "Random Guy (Shane's party)", and there are two more later.

I went to a very fun high school, where taking someone as a date to a formal was free license to make out with them with no expectations for a relationship. I was in a limo for prom with six couples, and we realized between dinner and the dance that not only had I kissed all six of the guys there, five of us girls had kissed all six of the guys. The other girl was only a sophomore, and one of the guys was her first boyfriend, but I'm sure by the time she got to her prom, the same was true for her as well. We were a smoochy crowd.

So when I left for college, I had kissed 36 people (35 males, 1 female), and had sex with 4, and only a few of those numbers would have been considered questionable by my peers. But at college, late one girl talk in the dorm, the other girls were shocked! Stunned! Dismayed! by my numbers. I called my sister and asked, "Why didn't you tell me I was a slut in high school? That seems like something I should have known!" I think she laughed at me. No frikkin help whatsoever.

Then things slowed down dramatically for a while: when I got married at age 25, I had only kissed another 12 guys, and had sex with 3, including my husband. We don't like to talk about those long, boring, dry years...

But then there was The Rampage -- after my separation at age 31, where I rebuilt my bruised ego through the healing power of sexual attention. I kissed 21 people (18 guys, 3 girls), had sex with 12 of them, and tried anal sex... with four guys. I have many happy stories about that period, and thankfully, they end with, "And I was very careful and very lucky, and I never caught an STD."

I met my husband in 2003, and we both assumed we'd be fuck buddies for a while, because it was the period we were both in. We ended up never breaking up, then he talked me into marrying him by telling me he would stay with me even if I didn't marry him (I should be able to see through reverse psychology, but apparently, I can't). Since then I've had 7 lovers.

That brings my totals to ... drumroll please...

77 1st base: at least kissed
46 2nd base: at least clothing removed
39 3rd base: at least orgasms exchanged
25 4th base: at least fucked
5 my silly designation as 5th base: fucked in the ass, in addition to 1st-4th bases

At my current rate, I'm going to be in my late fifties when I hit 100 smooch partners. I just decided: I'm going to throw a Century Slut party and kiss everyone present. Lemme know if you want an invite!

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Five Blowjob Night

The other night, I had five calls, and I realized after the last one, they were all about blowjobs. Deeeeelicious.

I just had to stop writing for a moment to go get a lollipop. I will clearly need something to suck on while writing this. Hooray for oral fixations!

The first call was a nice, slow guided masturbation, but he was in the mood to tease me through my clothes, dammit. He was gently talking smut in my ear while telling me how to stroke myself, and I started begging for him to touch me, fuck me, shove his cock in my mouth, anything more than this tormented non-touch, please... He was standing over me, enticing me, and eventually gave in to my pleadings and slid himself to the back of my throat as he allowed me to cum, which tipped him over the delicious edge as well.

I like begging so much more before I start begging, and later when I think about it, than I enjoy begging when I'm in the middle of it. Funny how that works.

The second caller has fantasies of using me as a whore, as impersonally as possible, just meeting in a hotel room, getting sucked off, and then tossing me on my way. He wanted to hear stories about times I'd given head when the guy couldn't have cared less about my pleasure, when he just used my mouth like a glory hole.

As it turns out, I have a few of those stories: college spring break when my friend brought home a random hookup and his friend, I got stuck with the friend, and I obliged him with oral sex so he'd let me go to sleep; the drunk boyfriend who fucked my face while I hung my head off the edge of the bed and then passed out; my husband and I completing our sex-in-every-room tour of the new townhome with an unreciprocated blow job on the back porch, loud enough to meet his "slurpy" preference, but quiet enough to hide from the people in the nearby pool.

You'd think that guy would be the type to hang up right away after coming, wouldn't you? But no, he's surprisingly cuddly and chatty afterward, and wants to know all about my life. Such an amusing juxtaposition.

The third caller was in a tender mood, and wanted "something languorous, luscious... like the most sensual fellatio you can imagine." So I covered his body with kisses and massaging caresses, worked my way to his cock, and then took my time, enjoying the heat, the scent, the taste, the feeling of the rhythm building, the pulsing of his flesh under my tongue, the intimacy of him looking down into my eyes as I swallowed him whole time after time.

He was slurring his words from sleep or alcohol when the call started, so his sleepy, satisfied "Mmmmm, g'night Galinana" was hardly a shock. So cute.

The fourth caller told me a story, of why he had hung up on me last time he had called: because I was describing a three-way I had with a couple in 2002, where both of us girls were going down on the guy, and the caller had been driving during our previous call, and had gotten turned on, so he had pulled over, in the middle of nowhere, to masturbate while I described it in vivid detail... and a cop pulled up! Yikes! He got his dick back in his pants and convinced the policeman he was napping on a multi-hour road trip, thankfully. But wow, yeah, that's a valid excuse to hang up suddenly!

So for this call, thankfully, he was not driving, and he wanted me to start the story over from scratch, and give every lascivious detail. Since that weekend I spent with that couple is one of my favorite erotic memories, I was happy to oblige.

Then the fifth and final caller of the night wanted me to rim him while jacking him off, but it morphed into him guiding my head with his hand in my hair, me deep-throating him, while I fucked his ass with my finger to the same rhythm. He said he shot clear up to his neck he came so hard. Awww. That made me so happy. Isn't that what every girl wants to hear?

Then I logged off and looked over my notes to make sure I hadn't left anything out, and realized I'd had an all-blowjob evening. My fingers were pruney from sucking on them so much, my husband was frustratingly out of town, and my panties, uncharacteristically still on my body at the end of the evening, were soaked.

Why, hello, there, favorite vibrators with fresh batteries lying by my bed. Do me a favor and help me out with a little fantasy I've been working on, would you? It involves me on my knees...

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Video(s): Pleasurebot Testing

A gentleman who has seen the Galiana Demo videos (first and second) requested a custom video of the testing done on a Galiana model pleasurebot android before she is shipped to her new owner.

Please note: this version of the Galiana model was ordered especially full-figured, and appears even curvier than earlier demonstration models.

We here at Advanced Smart Fun Robotics (ASFR) take our testing very seriously: we test extensively and thoroughly indeed, which resulted in 25:48 of video. Yep, that's over 25 minutes of fembot testing!

During most of the testing, the unit was naked, which is why we cannot show as many pictures as we normally would to showcase our videos. The one picture shown is from the "Strip Tease" section of testing, when the model was in demonstration human emulation mode. Stripping does, of course, requires clothing to be put ON before it can be taken OFF... although that might have caused a bit of confusion...

All four parts combined are $40 (they are $48 if you purchase them individually, so that is more than a 15% savings!). Link to buy the combination video:

Each part is $12 if you purchase them separately.

The descriptions below of each part would be considered spoilers if you were considering these a work of fiction, so if you prefer to be surprised by the testing parameters and results, please stop reading now.

Part 1 (07:58): Boot Up, Test Basic Movement, Describe Model Specifications

The naked pleasurebot boots up, stating her manufacturer/series/model/serial number/programming, then begins testing basic movement. After walking, bending, etc have been confirmed to be functioning as expected, she describes the specifications ordered for her particular unit. Link to buy Part 1:

Part 2 (06:39): Describe Sexual Programming, including explicit close-ups

The naked pleasurebot switches to demonstration human emulation mode to describe in a chirpy, happy, straightforward way all the sexual positions available to someone interacting with a Galiana series fembot: oral, breasts, vaginal, and anal, with explicit closeups, but no penetration (unless you count fingers being stuck down a throat as penetration). Link to buy Part 2:

Part 3 (06:59): Testing Strip Tease and Erotic Dancing functionality

The naked pleasurebot tests erotic movement capabilities, including dancing and strip tease... but runs into some issues because stripping requires clothing to have been put on first. This is resolved, and the testing continues. Link to buy Part 3:

Part 4 (04:32): Testing Pleasure Processing with dildo, leading to malfunction-via-orgasm

The once-again-naked pleasurebot tests pleasure processing by using a dildo with her vaginal unit, initiating the orgasm sequence, a run of events which reveals a few calibration issues which clearly need to be resolved before the unit can be shipped. The Galiana unit's ending position is clearly not an indication of fembot health. Link to buy Part 4:

No matter which part(s) you choose, you get both the large (1280 x 720) and small (320x240) resolutions. The format is WMV (please contact Ms Galiana Chance at ASFR Customer Service if you require a different format).

Remember: at ASFR, we have "The Best Human Emulation Mode in the Business!" and "Your Fun Comes First!"

Perfectionism, Insecurity, and Nakedness

This is why I don't do more videos and pictures: perfectionism and insecurity. Well, and the effort.

Logistics first: to get paid for spending an hour on the phone, I need to: (a) feel sexy (b) make sure my dogs are well enough taken care of that if I have to suddenly leave them alone for an hour, they won't starve or dehydrate or chew anything valuable (c) make sure at least one phone has been charged (d) log in (e) wait for an hour's worth of calls.

To get paid for making a video or a picture set or being on cam, I need to: (a) feel sexy (b) shower, do my hair, put on makeup, put on a sexy outfit (c) make sure the lighting and camera and room are set up correctly, including picking up the guts of any toy the dogs have recently shredded (d) try not to lose my sexy while cleaning (e) decide what to say/do (f) make sure dogs... same as above (g) shoot a take (h) watch the take, and about half the time, decide I need to re-shoot it (i) piece all the good takes together into a coherent video with open/close titles (j) upload the video (k) write a blog post / email to announce the creation of the video (l) absolutely die of insecurity until someone tells me it looks great.

In theory, it should take me about an hour to make a 15-minute video. In reality, because I haven't set up a smooth-running content machine yet, and my computer is slow to render, and I can't work on the computer too long at a time without nauseating myself, it takes me a whole day. At least.

Ideally, I'd shoot more than one video in a day, after all that prep, but again, the reality is, once I've done an hour or two of setup and then shot for an hour or two, I need a break, my makeup is getting smudgy, and my creativity is starting to run dry.

All this stems from a video I shot on Sunday, which in theory, I should have released yesterday, but as long as I'm being totally honest and whiny here... deep breath...

I've gained weight since I went on my medicines, and this was a custom video, and he wanted me naked, which I was fine with until about an hour after I shot it, and then all my Inner Cast, all at once, basically started yelling at me, "YOU'RE NAKED ALMOST ALL THE WAY THROUGH THIS ENTIRE VIDEO AND YOU LOOK FAT!"

I know, fuck those voices. I'm trying. I'm doing my best. I actually did just hit send to the person who ordered the custom video, so he has the link.

Now I need to break it up and post it for sale. It's 25 minutes, and it needs to be broken into either two or three shorter videos, because most clips are simply nowhere near that long, so the pricing expectations are geared for shorter videos, so I need to break them up, or else my brain will fucking explode from trying to figure out what to charge.

HOLY FUCKING SHIT, DID I MENTION I'M NAKED IN THIS VIDEO? Like, I have on NO CLOTHES AT ALL. None. Not even earrings. Just inordinate amounts of silver/grey makeup and some pretty awesome silver glittery nail polish.

The nails rock. I'll admit that much. Even though you can't see them for long in the video, they're fucking awesome. Here, I'll distract myself by taking a picture and sharing it with you (which, of course I took 3 times before I just gave up and decided this was good enough, even though my fingers look oddly disproportionate to me, because I'm so fucking neurotic):

I curse a lot when I'm trying to force my way through my insecurities into action. Fuck hell shit damn yeah I do. Oh, and cunt, for good measure.

Well, at least I can still crack myself up. Always. In fact, that is my favorite thing about myself: I can amuse myself endlessly.

Soooo. Back on topic. The poor guy who requested this custom video ... he asked for it almost two months ago, and I said I thought I'd get it to him in a week or two (that was the week before I started taking my new medicines, before everything went haywire for a while). The guy who asked for custom audio asked for it the week before that (I also recorded that on Sunday, two months overdue). Clearly, I have no business making estimates of any kind.

So, if you want a custom video from me, I would be happy to do it, as long as you don't mind waiting approximately forever, and you don't mind if I have a full-fledged insecurity attack before I send it to you. Especially if you want me naked.

Naked. Pudgy. Insecure. Did I mention I was naked? Deep, deep breaths, Galiana. Inhale. Exhale. You'll be fine...

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What Do You Do For a Living?

Dear Other PSOs,

What do you say when someone in public innocuously asks what you do for a living? Like the bank guy seeing my direct deposit dribble in with small daily payments...

I usually break eye contact immediately, do a dismissive wave of my hand, become as distant and stiff and formal as I can muster, and say "I do personal consulting". Then I look back at them with one eyebrow slightly arched and no hint of a smile on my face. Nobody has ever asked for clarification.

I understand fully: that response could just be drawing attention to myself. Thankfully, since I report all my revenue and gifts on my taxes, and I'm not breaking any laws, I have nothing to hide if someone chooses to snoop. I mostly just think it's funny to go all alpha bitch suddenly with no warning and watch the response.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Tease and Long-Term Denial

I have a caller who has gotten me interested in a concept with many facets and many names: one piece is male chastity / male orgasm denial / tease and denial; a second piece is sack tapping / ball torture; a third piece is small penis humiliation.

Whew. It's a lot to take in.

Thankfully, he's a patient teacher. In fact, our conversations would frequently seem theoretical to an outsider: we would seem like two people rationally and calmly discussing the merits of a man not having an orgasm for days on end... weeks on end... months on end... maybe never. And how testicles feel when stretched or pulled or flicked or punched when they are full. And how some women feel that men with less than 7" of cock don't deserve to have full-release orgasms because they are physiologically unequipped to deliver the most satisfying kinds of orgasms to their women.

(Note: that's fantasy talk about a small penis: I've had ridiculous orgasms on tongues and fingers, and many women are incapable of having orgasms merely from penetration, no matter what the size. The reality is: if you want to make me come until I'm a quivering mess begging to be allowed to go to sleep, you can, even if your cock is tiny, doesn't get hard, or is missing altogether. I know there really are size queens who truly disagree, but I ain't one of them.)

Underneath that calm conversation, however, we both know that we are both deliciously turned on by the reality: he will get himself too aroused to hide it anymore, and then he will start begging to be allowed to release. And there, in that moment, for him, according to the rules of the game we play, the answer will always be no.

I owe a huge debt of thanks for the practically educational Male Chastity Blog, by Sarah, a married woman who calls the blog "Adventures of a liberated woman and her male chastity husband". Her well-written, well-reasoned blog posts, newsletters, and her book are all well worth your time if you're interested in a realistic, yet passionate, view into the lifestyle of male orgasm denial.

As Sarah recommended, we discussed the ground rules of our game first, and refined them along the way. The way we currently play is that he has to tell me, calmly and rationally, that he wants to be allowed to have an orgasm within the first 15 minutes of our phone call. Once we are in minute 16 with no agreement that he will climax that night, no matter what happens from them on, I will not allow him to climax.

And if he is allowed to have an orgasm, it will be a ruined orgasm / interrupted orgasm. He doesn't get a fully satisfying, squirting release unless we also negotiate some amount of money to change hands. So far, it's never been allowed. It's been over four months since his last full-release orgasm.

That's the dry version of our rules. The reality is blazingly more sexy once it gets going. Once he starts being irrational and I know he's getting turned on, I let myself start getting turned on... I'll even start masturbating a bit. I can hear his voice catch, his ability to find words fly out the window, and his frustration start to rise. When he starts calling me an evil bitch, I know he's dying to come.

I used to be such a sweet, nice, accommodating girl... who would have thought that after less than a year of phone sex, the thing that would tip me over the edge into a delicious, rippling orgasm would be hearing the ragged voice of a normally excruciatingly rational man begging, "Please, let me come," and my own answer, laughing at him, of, "You'll never come again." I would not have suspected how aroused that would make me.

After I climax, when he's still out of his mind with raging hormones, I tell him how good it feels to have that release, how satisfied I feel, how delicious it was. He usually tells me to go fuck myself, clarified with "I don't mean that as a negative"...

But he doesn't come. And he keeps calling back for more.

That's what lets me know that Sarah is right: he wants release, but he craves denial. Why? I dunno. I really don't get it at all. I don't understand what he gets from it. But I know it's working for both of us.

At this point, it's been 14 weeks and 2 days since he had his last ruined orgasm, and we don't have a date in mind for his next one. I feel a bit like a vampire, feeding off his sexual energy, fueling his flames, to get his heart pumping, so I can taste him, just a bit richer each time. Mmmmm. Deeeeeelicious.

Video: Galiana-bot Monitoring Fembots and Changing Clothes

I shot this custom video back in April, and it has been available on my "Stuff to Buy" page for a while, but I never announced it, silly me.

Watch the trailer!

This video was made from a custom script. In the first half, I am monitoring other fembots and reporting on their progress (so the first 9-ish minutes are close up of my face talking in emotionless mode).

In the second half, I receive new orders to prep for a multi-fembot orgy, so I peel off my jacket and blouse and skirt, revealing a lacy black bra and panties and garter belt and stockings, and then I put on a silver newsboy hat and some silver gloves, and practice my greetings to get ready for the party!

running time: 18:19
resolution: large (1440 x 1080) and small (320x240) are both included
format: WMV (please contact me directly if you require a different format)
price: $15

New Cam Red Bra

In May, I got a lovely gift from a caller of a new camera, and we spent the evening taking low light test pictures in my Fuckatorium. I would send them to him, along with a description of which cam setting I used, and we decided on the optimum settings after it was all said and done.

I was wearing a red bra for all the pictures, and a red thong for about half of them (the other half I'm naked from the bra down). Most of them are from the back, because that is clearly his favorite view of me. /blush

The flash got overzealous in some:
Flash Washed Out
In others, there wasn't enough light at all:
Too Dark
This one was our second-favorite setting:
Runner Up
But the winner of the best resolution, detail, and actually my favorite picture of the night was like this:
The Winner
 That version of me looks like a hell of a lot of fun. I'd hit it.

There are 41 pictures in the set, all of which are at least 1024 pixels high or wide, some are larger.

Just $10 via Niteflirt:

Friday, July 1, 2011

Sugar Daddy Musings

In theory, developing an in-person relationship with a new lover with Sugar Daddy energy would be perfect for me. My husband and I are openly non-monogamous, he often travels for work, and I have bills to pay and love to share.

So earlier this week, I found a few "dating" sites specifically designed for Sugar Daddies/Mommas to find Sugar Babies (also of both sexes - hooray for GLBTQ progress) and signed up for the two with the most interesting combination of features.

After a brief flurry of activity, this letter arrived in my brain: 
Dear Galiana in 2011,

Remember when you developed a fantastic long-distance BDSM relationship with a Dom over about six months, met him in person, it was awesome, then tried to quickly replicate it via an online kink site, and it ended in disappointment?

Remember when you developed a fantastic long-distance flirting relationship with a bi girl / straight guy couple over about six months, met them in person, it was awesome, then tried to quickly replicate it via an online swingers site, and it ended in disappointment?

So even though rumor has it that you might or might not have recently developed a fantastic long-distance lover relationship with a gentleman with Sugar Daddy tendencies over about six months of having phone sex with him, met him in person, and it was awesome, perhaps you have already learned the lesson that you cannot replicate such relationships quickly via online sites.

Do us a favor and skip the disappointment.

Love, Galiana from 2003

Don't get me wrong: I have had success in developing relationships with lovers from online sites. But it takes time, and energy, and patience, and the emotional fortitude to keep up your hope and hold fast to your standards. Add in my bizarre circumstances (I'm married, I'm a phone sex worker, I have vertigo...), and it starts to feel ... well ... it feels like a job.

And you know what? I have a job already, thank you very much. A job I love. Honestly, Galiana, the last thing you need is to be distracting yourself by having to politely turn away dozens of men who can't read or write complete sentences. If I wanted to do that, I would answer my email on my OK Cupid profile, which states I'm not looking, but I still get email (I set it up to be see callers' profiles to help them with their listings - I'm a damn fine profile coach if I do say so myself).

But just like with other dating / hookup sites, the majority of people on the Sugar Daddy sites are of average intelligence. It makes sense mathematically - the majority is average - that's not cruel, that's just the math (well, it might be the mean... heh, nerd joke).

I will not be a good long-term match with someone of average intelligence. So in order to find a good match, I need to take the time to sift through the majority to uncover the gold, which is less than 1% by volume. Hmmm, in that metaphor, the majority is dirt, and I'm not comfortable with that, because all people have value, but I can't quickly think of a better metaphor at the moment. But just to be clear: nobody is dirt, even if I don't happen to want to fuck them. 

I'm picky. I know. I need a someone who is smart, funny, honest, free of STDs, willing to use condoms, committed to usually doing the right thing (however it's defined for him), understanding of my circumstances, patient with my limits, has Sugar Daddy tendencies, and is filled head to toe with insatiable lust for me. Quite a combo.

Also, frankly, the whole dynamic still freaks me out, because it feels like I would be whoring myself out if I evaluated a potential partner based on how much of a girlfriend allowance he could give me. I mean, it would be whoring myself out. That's clear to me. And it doesn't fit me right, like a new shoe with a pointed toe in the wrong shape: it pinches me, and I want to take it off and walk around in my hippie free love bare feet again.

Maybe I'll return to the idea some time when I feel like I have an extra hour or two per day to sift. That day is clearly not today, because this afternoon, I'm going to the airport to pick up my smart, funny, honest, STD-free, do-the-right-thing, compassionate, patient, generous, lusty husband, and that makes me the luckiest girl in the world already.

See ya tomorrow :)