Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Tuesday Off Line

I'll be off line Tuesday (Sept 7). It's not because I'll be going back to work like most of America, because I did not take the weekend off. In fact, my weekend work was lovely - thanks to some of you calling!

I'm going to the dentist, which means the whole day off for me, because I have big fat dental phobia. So when I go to the dentist for anything more than a routine cleaning, I have to give myself knock-out drugs. Like a Rufi, but prescribed, where I can't remember anything afterwards.

Seems like I'm over-reacting, doesn't it? But I've heard enough things like: "There's no way you should be able to feel that with as much Novocaine as you have" or "There shouldn't even be nerve endings there anymore" or "Between your anti-anxiety drugs and the laughing gas, how are you even awake, much less in pain?" ... So, really, if there's a good reason to say things like that to me ever again, honestly, I just don't want to remember it.

Pthththth. That pretty much sums up my extraordinarily mature response right there. Pthththth indeed.

I'll be back Wednesday, right as rain, with only minor discomfort (which I can easily avoid aggravating, even during oral calls), having gotten more than enough sleep, and with zero traumatic memories. Hooray for modern medicine, and an understanding and accommodating dentist.

But for the up side, when I'm not going to the dentist, having a mouth with too many nerve endings has advantages. Like, I have more sensation on the roof of my mouth than most people seem to. I explain that more here. And in general, my mouth is a pretty happy place as long as it's remaining occupied, which I look forward to it being again Wednesday.


  1. Galiana dearest, I hope this work was needed and not just cosmetic. I love your smile. So devilish, knowing and welcoming, all at once. Either way, here's to trauma free dentistry. Good dental care shows that you can project into the future and understand that if you don't take care of your smile, it will go away.

  2. Johnny darling, thanks for dropping by today, and for your sweet words on my smile.

    No, not cosmetic. I have one troublesome back tooth which has required, over the course of 15 years: a root canal, another root canal because it still hurt, a crown, a crown replacement, yank the f*ing thing out (aka extraction), an implant base installed where the new fake tooth was to be mounted, take out the implant base because the first one failed (1/10,000 odds), and today was re-install a new replacement implant base so my fake tooth can be mounted in a few months.

    Please keep your fingers crossed this one works itself out, and that my mouth can remain drama-free and trauma-free for many years to come.

    Other than this one tooth, I have it pretty easy. And I expect this to be the last tooth I lose until I'm in my 70s at the earliest :)