Sunday, September 26, 2010

Back Now: Choosing The Life I Want

I understand perfectly well that part of the key to my success has been my availability. Since phone sex is my full-time job, I've been trying to stay available for as many hours as possible... until the last ten days.

Because of the mysterious vertigo that led me to become a phone sex operator in the first place, I have to recover after travel, and I also have to recover after I spend time in large groups of people. Highways and groups, in case you didn't know, are wiggly sons-a-bitches.

The last ten days have been packed with wiggly travel, wiggly groups, and recovery. But more importantly, I have built many lovely memories with family, loved ones, and the loved ones of loved ones. 

In the big picture in my life, I hope that I continue to choose make wiggly memories from which I need recovery, rather than to retreat into a wiggle-free safety zone with fewer hugs and less laughter. 

However, in the little picture of the next few weeks, I hope I stay at home a lot, available for calls. Because when I am available for calls, it means that I feel strong, sexy, social, and fun: exactly how I want to feel. 

So when you see that "Call Now" or "Busy" button, it means I'm back, recovered from the wiggles which may have wanted to bring me down, refreshed by the love of the wonderful people in my life, and ready to sink myself into the joy of the next fantasy that I'm lucky enough to share. 

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