Stuff To Buy

I have too much "stuff to buy" for one page, so I have split into three pages for your visual sanity.

On any page, click on the Buy Now button, which will take you to NiteFlirt (it is secure and confidential, and new customers get 3 minutes free!).

Audio recordings, so you can listen to my voice any time, even when I am not available for a live call!

Photo Sets:
Sets of photos with honest descriptions about quantity, quality, and content, so you can fill up your eyes with me, as well as your ears.

My voice, my body, and that sensual way I never seem to stay entirely still, except in fembot videos, of course!

Custom Requests:
I can sometimes fulfill custom requests for audio, photos, and video, but with a warning: the length of time to delivery is utterly unpredictable. Because of that, I do not require a down payment: you pay nothing until delivery.

Pricing varies greatly by subject, complexity, and length, but here's a broad guesstimate:
* 15 min mp3: $50 and up
* 25 pictures: $100 and up
* 15 min video: $100 and up

If you wish to discuss having a custom item made, please write me at