Tuesday, September 21, 2010

What I Love Hearing

I'm starting to feel like a connoisseur of male voices. In public, I find myself drawing men into longer conversations to hear timbre changes for my own pleasure. I feel like the female sound version of a "dirty old man" who goes out of his way to drive by college campuses in spring, just to enjoy the view of coeds tanning.

I love rich, rumbling laughter from a deep, gravely bass voice. They usually sound so serious, so the laughter is always unexpected and delightful.

I love a clear, mid-range high baritone / low tenor, when it slows down to a dominating pace, insistent without getting louder or deeper or angrier, just lustier, needier, stronger somehow. I can picture myself mesmerized in a boardroom, fantasizing during a presentation about being ravaged on the soft mahogany table.

I love sweet, faltering questions from tenors, whose sighs sound like descants on top of my melody.

I love a soft, tender voice dropping down into huskiness as desire rises to the surface.

I love when terms of endearment flow naturally: darling, baby, sugar, princess, sweetheart, precious, lover, honey. My Inner Feminist hates all of those, but in the throes of passion, fuck her, she's useless.

I love when words retreat and leave behind ragged breaths, cut-off exhalations, rough groans, seemingly involuntary exclamations, moments of silence building tension for an explosion of sound and energy that will fill me and nurture me.

And last, but certainly not least, I love, love, love, love, love to hear my name - sighed, barked, moaned, growled, stated, or spit out while laughing - I crave all of them. I chose the name Galiana for a ridiculous number of reasons, as I explain here, and although it is not my birth name, in some ways it feels like a truer name than the one I was given. So please, use it. It catches my breath to hear, "Galiana...?" and I sometimes I savor the sound so much that I almost hate to break the spell by answering, "Yes?"

I've always been orally fixated. Seems now I'm becoming aurally fixated as well. What's the hearing version of, "Yum"?

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