Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Angela StLawrence Awesomeness

Although I've never spoken with her, Angela StLawrence gave me a glowing reference on her blog (http://www.zenfetish.com/2010/09/06/phone-sex-gold/).

Let's put this in perspective for my astonished, overwhelmed little brain here... She's been on NiteFlirt since 2003, and I've been around for less than 2 months. Her ridiculously awesome tagline is "Literate Smut: For the Deviant Intellectual". She is consistently in the top 10 on all of NiteFlirt. As far as I can tell, she is pretty much who I want to grow up to be.

From what I gather, one of her regular callers must have spoken to me, then spoken well of me to her. She offers her personal guarantee, via her own clientele, that I am, in her words, "Phone Sex Gold, a high-shelf experience that will seduce and intoxicate you."

Apparently like Ms. StLawrence, I believe that the more smart women phone sex operators exist and emphasize their intelligence in their listings, the more intelligent, creative, articulate men will be drawn to partake of our services. We all win when smart women get good publicity.

Dear Galiana,
If you happen to have done something karmically to deserve this much awesome in your life, please keep it up.
Love, Galiana 
Dear Ms. StLawrence,
I am deeply deeply honored and deeply grateful. Thank you so very much. 
With highest regards, Galiana


  1. Bravomisio!

    There is no praise higher than that of your peers. Remember this when you "grow up" into the person you wish to become. As a wizened yogi once told me, "Karma is not just a good idea, it's the law."

  2. It is indeed, Johnny! I'm attempting to pay it forward, back, up, down, and sideways as much as I can, by helping on speaker forums, mentioning here on my blog the lovely ladies who have helped me, referring clients to other providers when I don't think I'm a good fit, and pointing out issues when I find them (someone's main picture link was broken the other day - stuff like that). I think the only way to "grow up" into being a better person is to start practicing now :)

  3. I'm just tickled pink that you are enjoying your foray into phone sex. And I really have heard only good things about you. So I will continue to recommend you, because, quite frankly, you deserve it.

    Much luck in your endeavors.


  4. I should really have a more mature response to your comment than just "squeeeeeeeeeee!" shouldn't I? But no, I don't. Thank you, Angela!