Friday, September 3, 2010

The Best Little Laugh

I think I have about a dozen laughs, a hundred quirky facial expressions, and a thousand little sounds that spring out of me in ways I can never predict.

Everyone makes different sounds, and I love causing them, those spontaneous noises. That little breath catch. That little moan. That little growl.

But I admit: I have a favorite. Every once in a while, when a man has just climaxed, especially if it was long or powerful or surprising in some way, just after the initial intensity passes, there's a little laugh. It's usually followed by a big exhale, then a few words of gratitude, but really, thanks aren't necessary at that point -- I heard it in that fucking awesome little laugh.


  1. I like that laugh you have when you really, really, mean it...

    -Gravelly Moon

  2. Grav, you mean when you have a laugh that you really really mean? Or when I do? My big loud if-I'd-been-drinking-I-would-have-just-spit laugh? Or yours where you try to cough it back to retain the illusion of you being calmly in control? ;)