Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Celebration Shoot

As I've discussed ad nauseam, I had a photo shoot for my 40th birthday last night.

I had a ton of fun playing dress-up in new outfits, even though I needed help getting into some of them.

Vivian (http://vivianronelle.com/) encouraged the pin-up look.

My husband encouraged me to look mad because, in his words, "you just never look like that."

Of course, I had to involve getting tied up.

And look like a damsel in distress.

But then I also explored my dominant side a bit.

I had a few luscious orgasms.

And I cracked them up when I "hung up the phone" after masturbating (yes, I was thinking about a call, and no, I'll never tell which one), and let out a grateful "whew" at the phone... which I guess I actually do after real calls, because I didn't mean to stage it.

I got caught making ridiculous faces.

I got caught photographing the photographer.

And I got caught being happy.

If you've ever called me, you helped make this possible.
 Thank you so much for my birthday present. I love it!


  1. I love, love, love the black and red outfit. Very sexy!

  2. I love love love your photos! They capture different aspects of you.

  3. Mistress Lenore, you gorgeous femme fatale, you! Welcome to my blog! Ladies & gents & gents who want to be ladies, if you need sissy or cuck training, please drop by the Mistress's lair... And thank you - the photographer is extraordinary. The subject is just an attention-seeking goofball :)

  4. Champ, thank you! I love it too!