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I look forward to hearing from you!

Since I am no longer actively taking phone sex calls, here are links to my favorite Flirts who support other Flirts. Call these lovely ladies, they’re awesome:

Kiwi CandyThe Hollywood-gorgeous girl who sometimes keeps me company late at night when we're both between calls. She really is submissive, those really are her pictures, that really is her accent, and she really doesn't fake her orgasms on the phone, so don't yell at her for becoming incoherent if you tease her for too long.
Kiwi Candy's phone sex listings:

Angela St. Lawrence
She’s literate, clever, controlling, creative, and amazingly supportive of young upstart Flirts. If you want someone who knows the ropes and shows karmic kindness to beginners, call Angela.
Angela St. Lawrence’s phone sex listings:

Buttery Bellina
My first "big sister" in the biz (although I am significantly older than she is!), a stunning curvy commanding amazonian size queen with a soft spot for vampire and supernatural fantasies.
Bellina's phone sex listings:

Shadow Kat LamourA lifestyle Mistress who told me a ridiculously hot story about being at a BDSM party and teaching a young woman how to use a strap-on in front of the woman's addled-beyond-words husband. "Every woman should know how to wield a strap-on" is a phrase I have happily stolen from her.
Kat's phone sex listings:

Hypnotic Domme
For hypnotic domination with a high art sensibility, Ms Mira Stern. She's smart, creative, and coolly in possession of herself... and she'll be in possession of you, too, if you dare to let her start weaving her web.
Ms Stern's phone sex listings:

Goddess Lycia
For hypnotic domination with intoxicating visuals and a deceptively sweet aftertaste, Goddess Lycia is the destination to visit to drench your senses in bliss and release.
Goddess Lycia's phone sex listings:

M, aka Trance
A professional hypnotist (off NiteFlirt as well as on it) with a deep fetish for turning men's brains to scrambled eggs. You should be lucky enough to be one of the Minions she seems to collect...
M's phone sex listings:

I've never been seduced or hypnotized by any of them (that I'm willing to tell you about...), but they're all, at least, supportive of other Flirts.

Sometimes people in this business can get competitive and knee-jerk bitchy, but not these ladies. Any of us would happily share you with each other in a heartbeat. Enjoy!

Last but not least, links to a few sites who link back to me: