Saturday, September 4, 2010

Call Envy Awesomeness

I just got an email that had "Happy Birthday" as the subject line, so I figured it would be a nice note from a blog reader who didn't puke after reading my obnoxious birthday season post, or a caller who'd seen my "Mature" listing obnoxiously announcing that I'm turning 40 in September.

Ohhhhh no. I have to admit, it's better than that.

It was from Call Envy, a top-rated Flirt on NiteFlirt, with consistently great feedback. And she's a peach on the speaker forums, always coming up with great ideas and helping other people. It's clear she loves her job.

Thank you, Call Envy!
She made me a birthday girl picture!! It's like my own custom card! How adorable is that? And the tone of purple even compliments the shirt I'm wearing in the picture.

I think in some ways, it's even better than a card from a caller, because Call Envy doesn't have any reason to want me to be happy other than just being a nice person. And, in theory, she has good reason to want me to be unhappy so I'll mess up calls and send people her way! But no, out of the goodness of her heart (and, I suspect, a touch of holiday boredom), she just did something lovely and cheerful for someone she barely knows.

Awwwww. My faith in humanity is momentarily justified and renewed. Thanks, Envy, what a fantastic Birthday Season gift!!

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