Friday, September 3, 2010

Closure Day

Yesterday (Wednesday) was heart-wrenchingly devoid of closure. Today was gratifying full of it.

Yesterday, six calls either got cut off early by system glitches, ended early because the caller got interrupted by life, or otherwise left me feeling like the story hadn't been fully told.

I HATE not knowing the ending to stories. Watching half a movie bugs me so badly I have to look up the ending. I lack the genetic material to put down a novel, so I can only read them on vacations, or else I'll severely sleep-deprive myself.

When I have one non-closure call, I can deal with it. Shut it out. Let it go. The next call helps, because it's a new story, and the closure there helps me distance.

But six? Yes. Six. Damn. By six... I was a bit drained, confused, insecure, and wondering if I really had the emotional stability to handle the job full-time, because all six kept flipping through my mind, and I couldn't stop caring.

I heard from three of them today. All three had fully resolved endings. And I helped a new caller completely through a full, rich, complete scenario with zero interruptions. I realized I had let go of yesterday's angst when I found myself thinking up new fantasies for someone. I breathed a sigh of relief, and another of gratitude.

Yay closure.

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