Thursday, September 9, 2010

Ok Trends Awesomeness

I love data. I love the management book "First, Break All The Rules" because it's based on data collected from over a million workers. I love sex. I love hearing why people chose to get into relationships together.

So, is there anything I could possibly love more than OK Cupid's data-laden blog analyzing hundreds of thousands of dating profiles and responses ( It's possible the answer is no.

OK Cupid is not only cool for their analytics, but also, the site is free to use. And I have cool single friends with profiles there. But mostly, I love the brilliant analysis. Well, and the insight into their analysis methodologies. Oh, and the questions they choose to ask. Okay, I admit, I love it every way I can.

(side note: I make zero money from this. I'm just randomly gushing about something I love which might help some of you single readers - and if it does, drop me an email and let me share your joy!)

If you are reading this blog and you can prove to me that you're on the OK Cupid data analysis team, I will send you a fistful of free minutes and get off with you while you tell me about your job. That is a serious standing offer right there.

Sometimes reading their blog, I feel like I'm at the end of "2001" breathlessly saying, "my god.... it's full of data..."


  1. God you are so fucking nerdy! I love it. I'm not on the data analysis team (wish i was) but like you, have wasted a ton of time on there. It is truly fascinating and I'm not even a data geek like you.

  2. Yep, Fred, I am absolutely nerdy about all kinds of things!