Thursday, September 9, 2010

Seven Things At Once

Yesterday, I seemed incapable of focusing on one thing at a time. It started with re-organizing my lingerie and sex toys, which had been scattered and un-categorized by being photographed and taken to playtimes. Things around me need to remain categorized. It's best for everyone, really.

That led to me cleaning off the bedside table, which had a bluetooth headset on it, which I kept meaning to find the charger for, which led to me unpacking and re-categorizing a veritable Radio Shack full of chargers and cables.

Which led me to find the cable to connect the camera (photo not video) to my laptop, which made me curious if the battery drained or charged that way, so then I managed to read most of the instruction manual for the camera, because now we're using it again. Not-yet-quite-organized sex toys, lingerie, cords, cables, and electronics were everywhere.

Oh, and someone paid for a mani/pedi and wanted pictures, so I had to hook my phone to my computer, which led to a software update, which would have been fine, except my phone sex line rings on both my land line and my cell phone simultaneously, and I got a call that I'd been eagerly anticipating, and it sent it to my voice mail before I could catch it, twice, which set me to Away on the phone sex system, and then required a reboot of my system, so I had to call via the land line to set myself back to Accepting Calls, after I stopped panicking, and try to remember what I had open on the computer to answer emails and get pictures out, so I could reboot as fast as possible so I could shoot him an email to tell him I was so so so sorry I missed his call, and then, thankfully, he called back (thank you for your patience, "Dirty Reader").

And his first words were, "Hello, Galiana. Let's test your multi-tasking skills, shall we?"



  1. Haha, too cute!

    I love cleaning out/rearranging my bedside table! I find all kinds of naughty things! Need I mention that it is my "toy chest" in disguise?

    Great blog, Galiana!

    Luscious Lyndee

  2. Thank you for dropping by, Lyndee!

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