Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Me Stalking You

I admit it: sometimes I comment-stalk you. I'd never let it go to anything more serious, I promise. I swear.

The service is kind enough to allow the site to be indexed, so if I search on a user name, plus the name of the service, plus feedback, I can find feedback you've left for other phone sex operators.

Sometimes I'm surprised by who you've chosen. Really? Her? But she seems so... well... not like me. In any way whatsoever. She seems pretty much the opposite of Smart and Fun and Creative and Sex-Positive. How could you like me and also like dumb and mean and single-minded and a tease? (stricken because that was mean to say, but comments won't make sense without it)

Sometimes I'm surprised by the date. Wow, that was after our first conversation. Was I not available? Did I do something wrong? Or are you, like me, just never going to be satisfied with only one flavor of ice cream?

Sometimes I'm surprised because you've lied to me. You said you'd write me to schedule a time to call me as soon as work got less busy, but you didn't, and yet... here's feedback for someone. If there's not a reasonable explanation, then why would you feel the need to lie to a phone sex operator?

Sometimes I'm surprised you ever called me. You seem enamored of her, over a long period of time, and she's still working. Did you have a falling out? Did you add me to your repertoire, or did you just drop her for me (heaven forbid)?

Sometimes I'm surprised, and a little embarrassed, because I get a little jealous of the review you wrote. You haven't gotten that specific / enthusiastic / long-winded / effusive / poetic / elegant in your feedback of me... why not? It's a ridiculous response, I know, and I'm sorry.

None of these are appropriate to ask when we talk. It's your money, your phone call,  you decide the conversational direction. If I have questions about your phone sex history, I probably need to keep them to myself.

I've heard that sometimes phone sex providers get jealous or possessive about their callers. That confuses me, because I seem to be lacking the genetic material to care whether or not my partner(s) are involved with other partner(s). But I absolutely have a competitive urge: what does she do better than me and how can I improve?

So I'm not possessive, but I do have a ravenous desire to know about your phone sex experiences with other providers, because I only know the calls that come to me, and the only way I'll learn more about my own industry is to hear your stories. So if you don't mind telling me, but don't want to use phone time, shoot me an email and tell me - I'm FASCINATED to know!


  1. You're right about the ice cream comment; lots of guys like to slurp as many different flavors as they can!
    What you see as one-sided however, may just be an operator "branding" her name to a specific niche. It doesn't necessarily mean we *are* one-sided, just that it's what we chose to concentrate on in this particular listing.
    (Hope that makes sense!)



  2. Cassidy, welcome to my blog gang, you beautiful sexpot, you! You're right, of course, and I should have been less simplistic about that. I know many providers offer a variety of services via multiple "one-dimensional" characters. But like your listing, I would totally understand - there is thought behind it. It's really the one-picture, one-paragraph with spelling & grammar errors, those types of listings that baffle me. Still, it wasn't very kind, was it?

  3. Aww, it's all good!
    Just remember, all these phonesex guys are sluts.
    They will promise you the world at $1.99 per minute, beg you to lower your rates, and when you do, you'll see glowing feedback for another pso charging $20.99 per minute! *lol*
    They are SO bad!

  4. I love sluts! So I don't mind wanderers. But thankfully, I haven't had anyone lie me into lowering my rates, but wow - if that exact scenario happened, I would be deeply unhappy indeed. I think most people are awesome, and I try not to let a few bad apples spoil my harvest!