Wednesday, September 29, 2010

To The "C" Word And Beyond

Thought Vignettes, brought to you by the "C" word of the day: CUNT

"Dirty Reader", who is fascinated by words, thinks that calling someone "Fat" might be dirtier than "Cunt". We  ultimately decided that "Cow" might be even worse for American women than even "Fat", and yes, it is dirtier to call an American woman a cow than a cunt. British women apparently toss the term around light-heartedly over tea, heaven forbid.

My husband and I casually tease each other with horrible words. We were engaged, staying at his parents' house, and I told him I was going to take a shower, and asked if he wanted to join me. He answered, "No, ya filthy whore," to which I cheerfully responded, "Okay!" I was halfway down the hall before we both realized his parents were right there, in earshot, silently escalating to apoplectic breakdowns. About two weeks into my job as a phone sex operator, I informed him that "Bitch", "Slut", "Whore", and "Cunt" have probably lost what little sting they ever had for me. He now calls me "Jellyfish" when he wants to be especially insulting. For example, "Quit being such a jellyfish and shut your damn pie hole." I feign outrage, to the amusement of us both.

A new caller on my submissive listing had been using the words "bitch" and "slut" as if they were insults. He told me to say, "I have a cunt, and I am a cunt," practically spitting the words through his teeth in disgust. I don't think he expected the response I gave him. I said the right words, but I said them free of shame, lovingly, admiringly, with great joy. I wasn't surprised he hung up on me.

(Side Note: I'm not horribly uncooperative on all my submission calls. I can enter fully into humiliation calls with a little setup, but when someone demands sniveling servitude without an introduction, sometimes I rebel. Plus, at that particular moment, I was kind of annoyed with someone else, so I was probably in the exact wrong frame of mind. Oh well, at least my listing suggests I'm bratty. I love playful domination with someone who takes 3 minutes to get to know me and negotiate before we start, rather than just following someone else's script without any chance for creative contribution on my part. I know, I know, I know, I'm a terrible sub...).

I have a regular caller who wants me to "make" him into an extreme sissy whore, cross-dressed in velvet gowns and garish makeup, sucking dozens of guys a week and giving all his earnings to me so I utterly control his life. He asked to be called "cunt" instead of his name, and for a while, I agreed, but then I realized he was treating the word as if it were an insult, and it annoyed me. Now I call him "shit-stain," which we both agree is adequately insulting.

I believe that words and phrases change meanings depending on who utters them, and what their intention is for the word. I use "gay" as a compliment, not an insult, because I think being openly gay is courageous. I never use the "n" word for people of African descent because it sounds horrifying in my head.

And in the same way, I no longer think of "cunt" as an insult. Cunts are beautiful, mysterious, luscious, powerful, fleshy, yummy things. I can no longer figure out how in the world that could be insulting.

But do. Not. Call. Me. Jellyfish. I will fuck you up. /menacing eyebrow raise