Monday, September 6, 2010

My Potentially Useless Superpower

I was getting the oil changed in my car, and in the waiting room, a guy was on the phone, having a normal, non-sexual conversation about the logistics of some social plans.

I realized that even though I was consciously focusing on building an effective tower defense against monsters trying to get under my bed (iPhone app addiction du jour: "The Creeps"), on my mental back burner, I was rifling through kinks and figuring out a few things to suggest he might like. Definitely in the me-in-charge range, not mean, but maybe with some blackmail to "force" him to serve me...

When I realized what I was doing, I couldn't look at him for fear I'd give off a giant "I know what you need and I can give it to you" vibe. It's not that kind of Jiffy Lube. /giggle

I told my husband, and he said it was kind of an awesome superpower. I laughed so hard. Really? And when exactly would that come in handy fighting crime? Hold still while I bring up potential fetishes and hope you play along enough to be distracted from your nefarious plans? Useless!!!

But most amusing.


  1. I love that you have to specifically state that he was having a "normal, non-sexual" conversation.

  2. Hi Fred! Welcome to my blog & thanks for commenting! And oh, gosh, is that a peculiarity of my job that I have to specify that? Don't you assume phone call = sex? :)