Friday, September 10, 2010

BBC: Not Just Brit TV

The biggest surprise in the past almost-two-months since I became a phone sex worker is the number of calls I get regarding BBC: Big Black Cocks.

I admit, at first, my Inner Naive had a tiny bit of a response of, "Why are you calling a woman to talk with her about penises? Seriously, it's okay, you can just be gay."

But quickly, the calls piled up. Dozens of calls. Dozens of guys. And to clarify: I don't have BBC on my listing. Or anything about size, or race, at all. My listing is basically just that I'm smart and open-minded and creative. And yet, maybe as high as 10% of my conversations involve Big Black Cocks.

Some of these men tell me a large penis holds some mesmerizing sway for them, as if it is a center of power. I've heard: A man with a huge dick is stronger than me, more deserving than me, better than me. Obviously smart men suddenly seem hypnotized, enchanted, drained of their own power, humiliated just by being in the presence of a monster cock, as if somehow they are immediately less of a man. And these men-under-the-influence who consider themselves straight find themselves with the urge to serve that big dark meaty hunk of flesh.

Some men with BBC fetishes are openly bisexual, and they tend to want glory hole fantasies, or for me to invite over my friends to use them if they're submissive. Some are cuckolds: their wife runs around and fucks hung guys while they serve, fluff, and clean up, and the story seems to take on an extra charge if the hung stud is black.

And then, as I was planning to write this blog entry, I got a call from a black guy who has an average penis size, and... wait for it... he was fascinated by Big White Cocks. I'm stunned I made it through the call without dropping into total shock.

The conclusion I have reached, based on my statistically insignificant sample size, is that the fascination is inherently with "Other" - that which is different from yourself.

Well, my other conclusion is that I need to go buy a big black dildo and take pictures with it, to send to those 10%.

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