Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Welcome To My Birthday Season!

I turn 40 this month! I'm so excited!

turquoise & coral
I've never minded getting older. When I was in college, working hard both in acting class and therapy, I did a visualization exercise of "the person I want to be". And the image that stuck with me is a 50-year-old woman, outdoors, enjoying the land and the sun and the day, at peace with herself. And she was wearing unnecessarily chunky jewelry, probably turquoise. I have always found self-possessed 50-year-old women fascinating company.

So for 20 years now, I have thought that my 50th year will be the best of my life. It's probably setting me up for a huge nervous breakdown the day I turn 51, but oh well, I'll cross that bridge when I come to it.

In the meantime, I'm another year closer - only ten years away now! It's time to start preparing in earnest, because the day I turn 50, I plan to wear unnecessarily chunky jewelry every day for the rest of my life. There is no good reason for this plan, and yet, I've been certain that I would do exactly that for years now. Maybe it just feels too self-aggrandizing to be full-on eccentric before 50, but after 50, it seems perfectly appropriate.

Dangly is an acceptable
substitute for chunky 
Growing up as a divorced kid, all holidays were seasons - celebrated at least twice (once with Mom, once with Dad, and sometimes again with grandparents or cousins). So my birthDAY isn't really as important to me as my birthday SEASON, which is very clearly: all of September. Obviously, September is mine. Which makes my birthstone sapphire. How can sapphires be chunky, you ask? Like this awesome dangly set right here, of course.

An important disclaimer: expensive jewelry freaks me out - I lose and break stuff too easily to spend a lot of money on wearable decorative art. I'm not freaked out by jewelry under $40, though. That seems about right for an indulgence.

Now you're asking yourself, "Galiana, how can I help you celebrate the kickoff to your birthday season?" ... aren't you? No? Well, I'm not surprised. After all, I haven't known any of you very long at all. And the whole gifts part of the phone sex culture still confuses me a little. But I'll tell you anyway, just in case you're so inclined.

You can:

  • Leave me feedback. If you've made calls or bought pics and haven't left feedback, go do it! I read them for fun. It's truly a gift I will love.  
  • Leave a comment here on my blog. It's irrationally gratifying to me. 
  • Send me a happy birthday email and tell me nice things about myself (Hmmm, a theme has emerged: I love nice written words about me...)
  • If you feel compelled to send something physical (which would be surprising and a little baffling, but I admit, it would also be fun), email me at galiana at ymail dot com (not, with three choices and let me pick! It'll be like shopping together, which is another family tradition - shopping together means usable gifts plus pleasant company! Then send me an Amazon gift card for that amount, I'll buy the thing with the card, and I'll send you pictures of me opening/wearing/using it. (I don't do an Amazon wish list because of this)
  • CALL ME! This is honestly what I want most  :) 
I expect this temporary and caveat-laden foray into the "spoiled princess mistress" type of phone sex worker to fail miserably, but it amuses me, and I don't think anyone will be hurt. Therefore, given my value structure (1. Do No Harm 2. Have Fun), I must. 


  1. Happiest of happy birthday seasons Galiana! I hope you get everything you want and so much more. Maybe like a handsome, if not somewhat shaggy, professorial type in a nice suit taking you to a nice bistro that reminds you both of how special you are.

  2. GM, thank you! That sounds perfect!!