Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Law Of Attraction

All day Monday, my first "full" day back after so much time away, I talked with a few old faithfuls for 10-15 minutes apiece  (thanks, guys!), but I also had an unusual number of new callers with either the wrong number (a frustratingly common system glitch lately... they're working on it), or 3-4 minute conversations which had nothing whatsoever to do with me - the paint by numbers of phone sex, where my job is clearly to follow a script.

I knew it might take a few days to pick up steam again. In theory, I was ready for that. In reality, I was a little bored. So on a whim and a prayer, I tweeted, "Smart fun creative sex-loving #phonesex op in search of like-minded callers. 3-min BJs are fine, but I want to explore something luscious!"

It seems unlikely that anybody ever picks up new callers from the #phonesex hashtag, but it couldn't hurt, right. And inevitably, following the #phonesex hashtag on Twitter is a fun bunny trail to find new co-workers to follow, and stay in the right mindset between calls.

Then as early evening faded into later evening, someone bought one of my new picture packages - a $2 package of all my off-phone Facebook profile pictures. Turned out to be one of my earliest callers, "The Wanker." Of course he bought those pictures, because he values my honesty and real-ness. I realized it was crazy early in the morning for him (he's in Europe), and thought he probably wouldn't call.

Ohhhhhh but I underestimated the power of an insistently engorged cock in the hand of a world-class wanker, a mistake I'll try not to make again. He called, and we ended up having a lovely, long, luxurious conversation. It's a battle with him: Can he be strong and hang up before I cause him to finish? Or can I overcome his years of masturbation training and make him hang on with me until I make him climax?

I pulled out every stop I could think of: discuss the power dynamics of trading your financial power for my sexual power, describe to me how you stroke yourself, what would you want if we met in person, and finally, if we were to push the symbolism of wanking to its most extreme practice, what would it look like? (That answer would change from wanker to wanker, of course, but for him: watching an alpha male fuck a beautiful woman, but not be allowed to touch his own painfully stiff cock, so his unsated lust serves only as a stark reminder of the difference between alphas and wankers) After an astonishingly long holdout, I finally won. We got off the phone and I threw my hands in the air and took a victory lap around the living room chanting "USA! USA!"

After I drifted back slightly closer to sanity, I mused that I had written that tweet, and also the blog post yesterday about Orgasms and Power, and then, as if the Law of Attraction were really a law and not just a hippie feel-good theory, The Wanker gave me the very thing I'd been hoping to attract: a fascinating, smart, imaginative, exploratory conversation with a delightful, kind, honest phone partner.

Thank you, Wanker, darling. And ... better luck next time ;)

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