Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Happy Autumn Equinox!

Welcome to the introspective quarter of the year, where sunlight fades earlier each day, where we're encouraged to reflect on the year we've had, and gather energy for the year ahead.

I don't know astrology or paganism well, but I do sometimes use astrological and pagan symbolism to remind me of things which I believe to be true. As a famous religiously conservative speaker once said to his religiously conservative audience, as a word of caution, "If you can't learn from people you disagree with, you'll miss a lot of truth."

For example, I've been told that the way this equinox and full moon align, it's all about balance. Balanced relationships between equals, the balance of introspection and social activity, the balance of rest and work and play. Regardless of the stock I take in the practice, musing about balance is a helpful activity.

The balance I'm still striving for as Galiana Chance, Phone Sex Operator, is the balance between giving it my all and letting go. My version of "giving it my all": I want to provide excellent experiences, worth every penny to the purchaser, and be willing to dig as deep as the conversation requires. My version of "letting go": I also want to be able to put down the job when I'm not logged in, not worry about callers who sounded sad, and not fret if a conversation seemed to have gone awry.

Fortunately, phone sex is an excellent way to practice being fully present to the current moment; enjoying moments right now as they are happening without planning for the future or being bothered by the past. And yes, of course, some forward-thinking is necessary, and some brooding can be instructive, but I think it would be good for me to commit myself to a quarter of balance: Give it my all. Let it go.

Happy fall!

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