Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Good Girls Gone Naughty

I love being surprising. In high school, I made straight As, dressed as a clean-cut preppy with simple makeup and comparatively natural hair for the 80s. If I had a reputation, it was as a good kid, officer in choir and theater, and one of the first two people in the school to make a perfect score on an International Baccalaureate exam (the program had just started).

So when people saw me out with friends, at a party, or at the inexplicably densely populated yet utterly uneventful parking lot where teens gathered, and they saw me smoking, the reaction was often one of shock. YOU smoke?

I loved that reaction. I loved the attention, the fact that someone would feel like they knew me, and the fact that they didn't know everything. And I loved the confused lingering glances as I felt them wondering what else I did...

(FYI: I haven't smoked in several years, thankfully)

So imagine my delight with the outcome of this luscious fantasy:

I was a college student, working my way through school as a prostitute, and I hang out in nice hotel lobbies looking for lonely business travelers. Once I  discover their fetishes, I use that knowledge to close the deal and get them to the hotel room.

This particular client was a well-educated gentleman, with a soft vocal demeanor, and polite word-choices, so I matched his tone and his tenor. I was sweet, smart, inquisitive young woman, who drew out of him that he has an oral fetish, and a fantasy about being with a hooker. I combined the two by letting him know I was for rent and then sucked his finger slowly into my mouth - it was almost too simple.

Up in the room, I was ripping his clothes off him, leaving a trail of red lipstick stains down his chest, on my knees unbuckling his belt, when:

Him: (stammering) I ... ummmm...I also kinda like...
Me: (pausing) Yes? You can tell me. It's okay.
Him: When, if... getting an educated girl, a nice girl, to say... ummm... like...
Me: (grinning) To say shit like, "I need you to face-fuck my dirty whore mouth, and use me up like the cumslut I am?"
Him: (whimpering) ohfuckohfuckohyes

The surge of shock and lust and gratitude that poured through the phone at me was deliciously gratifying. I had to stifle a giggle.

I love that image of myself: Galiana Chance, good girl turned naughty, blowing away expectations for over 20 years. It's a little long for a tagline, isn't it?

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