Monday, September 6, 2010

Oh The Places I'll Go

In my off-phone life, in the almost 2 months since I became a phone sex operator, I have only traveled once, to visit family, and I have not pretended to be anyone else.

In my on-phone life, since I advertise that I was a theater major and a creative writing minor, I get requests for role plays. I would never catch up if I committed to fully writing them all out, but here are some snippets.
  • Wrestling matches
  • I'm the 18-year-old babysitter - variations include: 
    • I discover him masturbating 
    • I'm discovered masturbating
    • I'm discovered trying to masturbate but I haven't figured out how to climax yet, but want to learn
    • I'm discovered investigating BDSM gear / videos, and am fascinated
  • I got drunk after a drama-filled wedding, including my new husband getting food poisoning, and my ex carries me to my wedding bed and probably gets me pregnant, still in my wedding dress
  • I'm delivered to a mob boss / loan shark to use as payment for a big gambling debt / loan
  • I'm the mob boss, and he's delivered to me to use as payment for a big gambling debt! 
  • I'm marrying into a mob family, but have to make my new father-in-law-to-be happy or he'll talk his son out of marrying me  
  • I have a decadent night in New York with mystery man who leaves notes for directions to have an extravagant dinner alone, go to a hotel room, blindfold myself, get tied up and savored, then he leaves with an extravagant gift and a thank you note without my knowing who he was  
  • I'm a jewel thief with a penchant for knock-out technology who overcomes and reprograms superhero sidekicks
  • I'm a nurse giving an exam, but get carried away  
  • I'm a neighbor or family friend and he's had a crush on me forever, with variations: 
    • I finally admit my reciprocal crush, because he never will, and we fall into each others' arms
    • I'm aggressive when I finally admit I want him and blatantly use him for my pleasure
    • I'm manipulative, flirting with him and offering sexual favors so he'll pay my bills
    • I sneak into his apartment when his girlfriend leaves to join him in the shower
  • We ballroom dance - no sex, just dancing
  • I'm an escort who manipulatively discovers fetishes to close the deal in hotel bars 
  • Boss / secretary working late, with variations: 
    • We finally give in to our long-lurking mutual attraction 
    • He catches me stealing, but I can keep my job if I work it off with sexual favors
    • I discover his bad behavior and blackmail him to keep me satisfied 
  • I audition for a specialty porn video company
  • I undergo erotic hypnosis 
  • He and I service a glory hole together, sometimes with me pegging him with a strap-on while he services the hole
  • Cuckold, where we're married but I sleep around, with variations: 
    • I confess I've been unfaithful, but I won't stop, and he has to be okay with it from now on or I'll leave him  
    • He helps pamper me / dress me to go attract other men, and cleans me up afterwards
    • He helps fluff the men I bring home to keep them ready for me
  • BDSM slave training, with many variations 
This list illustrates why I suck at answering the question, "What do most guys want to talk about?"

The answer, "It varies" seems grossly inadequate, doesn't it? 


  1. You are quite gifted young lady. I hope you find a way to publish these memoirs at some point. The world needs to hear more from you.

  2. Johnny, sweetheart, thank you. At the moment, even though I've published more than one blog post each day since I started - and I'm a little concerned that my volume is kind of obnoxiously high), I have 28 more started or planned. Oh, wait, no, I thought of one before the dentist, so 29.

    I'll consider cleaning them up, editing them, and publishing them when it no longer feels like I'm volcanically spewing blog entries by the dozens. That could take a while :)

  3. Who knew there was such a penchant for "mob boss" role playing. Fascinating.

  4. Fred: I think the appeal of the "mob boss" construct is the illusion of being on-the-edge-of-consensual, like blackmail. So yes, someone is agreeing to let you do things to them, but only because you'll kill their family if they don't, but technically it's consensual, but realistically, it's full of yummy juicy inner conflict.

    And if you can make someone do something that is almost against their will and make them enjoy it against their will? Well, that's some fun power play right there.

    Does it ruin it for me to analyze it like that?