Monday, August 23, 2010

PO Box Wishes

I just made my Amazon Wish List private until I get a PO Box, because I found out that some 3rd party vendors (not Amazon) send your shipping address in their confirmation emails, even if your Amazon settings specify to keep your address private.

Comments solicited on this issue, please! Assuming I get a PO Box:

Is it worth it to list specific items on a Wish List and risk having a caller know your PO Box? My husband could check it once a week on his way elsewhere, but would I worry about it?

Or should I only list specific items on my Wish List if I've checked with the vendor first to ensure they respect Amazon's privacy settings?

Or only have one item on my Wish List: an Amazon Gift Card -- then use gift cards to buy things for myself, and send pictures? I know that doesn't put your address at risk.

Ugh - not the fun part of the job.


  1. Hi Galiana, not only will your info be shown but also the buyer. Some might not mind it but some of the naughty hubbies might not want their info available either.

  2. Mistress Tich, thank You for dropping by the blog, Ma'am!

    I did nit know that, thank You! I don't want anyone's privacy violated!

    I've decided to just accept gift cards. It seems simplest and safest. Thanks again!