Sunday, August 22, 2010

Honestly Orally Fixated

I say in my listings that I'm orally fixated, and I've had people express doubt. Really? It seems like the thing you *should* say, but is it really true?

Ohhhhh yeah. It's true.

I crave interesting textures. Brie with the outside still on. Candied pecans. Peanut butter. Eating is half about the taste and half about the feeling for me. 

I find myself describing sex in food terms: yummy, delicious, tasty. The first sign I'm aroused is that my mouth waters. 

And I have a bizarre, and apparently uncommon thing physiologically: the soft spot of the roof of my mouth right behind my palette is pleasantly sensitive to touch. So sometimes when I'm stressed, I massage the roof of my mouth with my tongue without being aware of it.

So when flesh hits that spot - fingers or a nice warm hunk of man-meat - it actually feels good to me. Comforting. Relaxing. It helps me escape from what my mind is spinning and focus on what my body is feeling.

So when I'm turned on, I need my mouth engaged. I've begged lovers to put something in my mouth when I'm tied up. It's ten times easier for me to climax while masturbating with toys if I'm sucking on my fingers or my ball gag. And giving head while stuffed with buzzy toys is one of my favorite ways to orgasm.


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