Thursday, August 26, 2010

New To Me: Erotic Hypnotism

Do you know much about erotic hypnotism? A month ago, I knew nothing.

The only time I've been successfully hypnotized was by a licensed hyno-therapist in an office in my mid-20s. It helped me successfully quit smoking for a couple of years in my 20s (FYI: I haven't smoked since 2006). But there was nothing erotic about the encounter.

Then I met "Tea Man", "Jonas", "Agent Jones", and "Hypno Tickler". I suspect I'll meet more. All four of them wanted to erotically hypnotize me. None of them completely succeeded, but it was damn fun to try.

First, I went to Tea Man's office to interview to market their new line of herbal teas... and left the office feeling refreshed, and peculiarly sexually satisfied. I'm pretty sure there was a blow job in there somewhere in between. Tea Man knew for sure it was all fantasy.

Then Jonas tranced me and gave me the trigger word "Freeze" which caused me not to be able to move any muscles except the ones needed to talk. We got cut off by system glitches before we got further than just me begging to be released, but apparently I was enticing doing that. Jonas wasn't sure if I was under or not, but there were enough clues that he wasn't worried about me being permanently frozen.

Ah, Agent Jones. Although his primary job is as a spy, his cover-up job as a hypno-therapist affords him the opportunity to sometimes help lovely ladies with their anxiety issues by helping them relax. And then channeling all their naughty sexual urges into an alternate persona, who is summoned in a full-fledged sex kitten heat by the Doctor saying "Rachel, darling". And then released back into Galiana Chance's mild mannered, slightly anxious, buttoned up ways by saying "Chance, darling". Don't you just love the "darling" in there? I totally and utterly do. Agent Jones knew we were playing, but we both enjoyed the game a lot.

Mmmm, the Hypno Tickler. He got me the closest of the four. I remembered everything, I could hear things other than his voice, and I could move more than I should have been able to, so I wasn't fully hypnotized. But I was deeply relaxed, and I was having genuine physiological responses - twitches, giggles, and erotic responses - that felt somewhat involuntary. It was very relaxing and extremely fun. AND - if he calls back, we're going to work on me getting over my fear of being tickled (instilled when I was pinned down and tickled until I puked ... it was an unfortunate accident). It would be great for tickling to be erotic for me!

What do you think? Is erotic hypnotism hot for you? Or just baffling? Would you let someone try?


  1. I'm actually a 3rd-generation hypnotist. I can tell you it's great with the right subject!!!

  2. SB: Cool! I don't know if I'm the right kind of subject or not, because I'm theoretically open to it, but seem unable to go completely under...