Sunday, August 15, 2010

Galiana Chance, Ex-Techie

From 1995 to 2009, I was a technical professional with "progressively increasing responsibilities" to use the HR phrase for my happy career progress. I started as a programmer and data analyst, then learned business analysis because I could talk to both the business people and the techies. That led to me managing technical professionals and also managing software development lifecycle processes.

The unsexy reason I changed professions: March 15, 2009, I suddenly developed  mysterious neurological vertigo (it feels like I'm drunk all the time), which leaves me well-equipped to do phone sex work on my own schedule (so I can rest when I hit a 3-drink dizzy until it subsides to a 1- or 2-drink dizzy), but not well-equipped to do anything that requires motion (like traveling to work), reading that involves scrolling (like emails or resumes or data), extensive writing or editing (like performance reviews or presentations or articles), or concentrating on intellectually complex tasks (like... everything I did as a data analyst & tech manager).

The sexy reasons I changed professions: I really love sex. I have a vivid and active imagination, so it's easy for me to participate in a shared fantasy over the phone. I'd had non-professional phone sex and loved it. I enjoy  meeting new people and bouncing myself off them to find out which pieces of me bounce back to get to know myself better - and sex is a great way to bounce! That self-awareness from new partners is why I wasn't  monogamous even before I was a PSO.

So for me, phone sex is a very safe way to play with other people's erotic fantasies and sexual energy... and get paid for it! Sweet!


  1. Just remember what George Carlin said: "A little brain damage can be a good thing..." I know neurological vertigo isn't necessarily the same thing but that wasn't the joke... :P

    Your "Sexually Accessible" Fantasy Lover

  2. Hey SAFL, it sure as hell feels like brain damage, I'm good with that description. I'm glad you read this.

  3. All I can say is WOW! What a wonderful woman. With all that got turned upside down in your life and to still have a positive attitude about it. Simply amazing!