Sunday, October 3, 2010

What I Want: Lust for Me

Welcome to the third episode in the narcissistic "What I Want" series. First, honesty. Second, a vivid imagination. Third, today's installment: Lust for Me. I mean, as long as I'm being narcissistic, I might as well go all out, right?

This week I've had fewer calls (as expected after so much time off Sept 16-25), but some calls I've gotten have been lovely, luscious, lingering, longer conversations, which I have enjoyed tremendously. I do limit certain types of intense calls to just an hour, as I explained in this blog post, but the ones this week have had periods of intensity mixed with meandering relaxation, so I've managed to keep afloat and keep going quite happily.

I thought about these enjoyable calls, and how to turn them into a blog post. The "What I Want" series was a natural fit, because I want to attract people like these guys: "The Wanker" and "True Sighs" and "Other Cucked" and "The Omnivore" (fka 'Dirty Reader' until I saw his tumblr page and realized he finds almost every woman on earth sexy as hell).

They have several commonalities: they all lust after a wide variety of types of women, which I think shows imagination and open-mindedness and a sex-positive attitude. Keep up the good work, and spread the message of the sexiness of non-models, far and wide! And they have all used phone sex for a while, so they know what they like in a phone sex provider.

And they each have a specific attraction to me:

  • The Wanker loves that I have a husband and lover, but no desire to procreate - he finds my high sex drive appealing in and of itself. 
  • True Sighs loves that my imagination isn't bound by reality-based physics or images - we find ourselves wandering about in mythological archetypes and transforming into M.C.Escher-esque configurations. 
  • Other Cucked loves that I understand the practical and emotional benefits of his traditional marriage, but also understand the hypnotic appeal of "other" - we talk about the power-exchange dynamics of dominance and submission, and the mesmerizing appeal of being cuckolded by big black cocks. 
  • The Omnivore loves my vivid descriptions and understanding of the complexity of human emotions - he feeds me naughty ideas and then listens, entranced and engorged, as I flesh them out by describing what each participant feels physically, and the often-conflicting emotions that pleasure can cause. 

They all come to me with their lust, which is often primarily fueled by lust for other people, but they want me to add to their experience in some specific way. Somehow, it makes a difference to them that it is me on the phone. They enjoy my insights, my descriptions, my honest confessions of what turns me on.

I don't want exclusivity, but I do enjoy specificity. Whenever I enjoy a conversation, there was always something specific in the dynamic with that exact person, some thought or feeling or image I never would have experienced with anyone else. Every partner has a different dynamic.

So what I want is people who recognize the uniqueness of our dynamic, and who choose to appreciate our co-creation.

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