Thursday, October 7, 2010

New "Problem": Open House

I love October in Texas. The weather finally turns to sweater-friendly temperatures, and the house begs to be opened up after months of rushing to shut the door to keep out the oppressive heat.

This week, we've had every window and door propped open, including the garage. It's possible that there are now zero molecules of air in my home which were here a week ago. While the house has been breathing, we've been re-arranging stuff, including taking away two carloads of things which no longer belong with us (to half-price books and our local recycling center). It's been a fantastic start to the month. 

Except for one tiny new problem: when the phone-sex-dedicated phone rings, I don't just need to get to the Fuckatorium, I also have to shut the window. Because our neighbor and his cute girlfriend probably want to wander around their back yard with their evening beers in hand, playing fetch with their adorable labrador, without the accompanying sound of my orgasms. 

It's a delightful problem, and I'm happy to have it. 

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