Monday, October 25, 2010

A Bridesmaid and Her Shoes

I was a bridesmaid this weekend, which is why I was away. It was a wonderful, fun, celebratory wedding with very few logistical problems, lots of smooching by the happy bride and groom, and lots of cheering by the crowd.

I love helping at weddings. For my first wedding, I had it all under control until everyone started asking me questions about every little detail, because they didn't want me to be upset at anything. Turned out, what upset me was the number of @#$%ing questions I got asked about crap I didn't care about.

For my second wedding, I decided to care about five things (food, pastor, dress, music, video) and I told everyone I did not care about anything else, so if there was a decision to be made, please make it without asking me. It was lovely, stress-free day.

So my goal at a wedding is to protect the bride and groom from questions, to leave them free to be social with friends and family. My husband got into the helping spirit as well, and we were the only couple in the wedding party not looking after children or elderly relatives. So after a few rounds of us asking, "What can I do?" everybody recognized us as the go-fers, or as he put it, the people playing "troubleshooting whack-a-mole": someone needs water, a safety pin, a straw, tummy medicine, a band-aid, wrangle the families and keep them close for pictures, this child needs to be transferred to that parent, someone needs to attach the boutonniere to the 4-year-old ring bearer who thinks flowers are for *girls* /sigh /ExasperatedEyeRoll. 

Before the wedding, I was determined to get a few pictures of me all dolled up in my bridesmaid attire to share here with you. During the wedding... well... maybe I wasn't thinking about it as clearly.

When I went out to the pumpkin patch, I remembered to get this picture! (the church has a pumpkin patch in late October, so the bride and groom got some festive outdoor photos after the ceremony)

Oh, oops. I'm holding a list of stuff I need to remember, I have my practical-but-not-sexy purse slung over my shoulder, and I'm holding my sexy-but-not-practical shoes which I definitely wanted a picture of. Well, it helped me remember I wanted pics, anyway, so I took this one:

Oh, that's better! The purse and list are gone and I have the right shoes... wait, what? Why are my sexy shoes on the ground by my feet instead of on my feet?

Oh, here we... No. This is the rehearsal. These are my everyday shoes. Useless.

This one shows ... well... the back of my shoes. And the dress is now inexplicably blue instead of purple. But it's a step in the right direction. (get it? *step*... /groan)
Okay. There it is. The best picture we got of my fantastic pedicure and my adorable shoes. That is as good as it gets. Pitiful, Galiana, just pitiful. Where are your priorities?

Oh, and speaking of having my priorities all wrong... Apparently, since I didn't talk to "Office Crush" on Friday or Saturday and didn't get a "Go Cats" (details here), it's my fault Northwestern lost homecoming. How could I?

P.S. Sorry I failed those of you with a foot fetish.

P.P.S. It's good to be back.

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