Saturday, October 30, 2010

Not Til I'm Ready

This morning, I logged in for 2 minutes, then realized that my allergy medicine hadn't quite kicked in enough for me to feel sexy (Central Texas is famous for fall/winter allergies), so I logged back out.

"Agent Jones" caught me on chat during that 2-minute open window and answered some questions about my listings, which was super helpful. Then he asked if we could play. At the time, the thought of engaging sexual energies sounded like work. Now don't get me wrong, Jones is one of my favorite callers (his role plays have been featured here a lot), and he gives me his opinions on my listings and pay-to-view offerings, so if anybody could have tickled my fancy, it would have been Jones. But I like the happy, easy, comes-naturally memories we have - I don't want to spoil them with the stain of pushing myself or straining. So I said no.

Then I watched an episode of "The Antonio Treatment" - Antonio is an HGTV Design Star winner with an LA rock 'n' roll attitude and an awesome bulldog. I'm horrible at decorating, and since I need to reorganize the Fuckatorium again, I thought a design show might fascinate and inspire me. Thankfully, the meds kicked in, watching all those hunky carpenters build and install amazing pieces was energizing, and the guy who owned the newly-redone bar was grateful enough to leave me all happy and optimistic.

And now I'm thinking, "What the hell was I thinking earlier? Where's Jones? Come back and play!"

Ahhhh yes, there you are, Galiana! Good to have you back.

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