Friday, October 29, 2010

Too Many Pictures!

I've spent most of my off-phone time today trying... yet again... to figure out a better way to present and organize the packages of pictures (and videos and stories) I have for sale.

They sold best when I was just starting out, and had just a few packages to offer - they had full descriptions of each package, right under the text of my listing.

But there's a 7,000 character limit for the listing, including HTML, so when I added picture sets, I shortened the descriptions. After an initial spike of people buying the new sets because they were new, sales leveled off to a slower trickle than with the original format. 

So I converted the majority of the text in my listing to pictures, which shrunk my HTML considerably, but I still only had room for very short descriptions of the picture sets, which didn't boost sales.

Then I set up MyFlirtStore, which lets me post all my picture sets with preview thumbnails and nice full descriptions, but it has 2 issues: (1) the lovely flash widget that scrolls through my picture sets doesn't work on mobile phones and sometimes inexplicably fails to load even on desktops and (2) people don't necessarily trust going to another site. Sales spike a little on the first day I post each new item, but overall, they're still lower.

(Note: MyFlirtStore is like an extension of NiteFlirt more than another site - it's run by a Flirt, approved by the NiteFlirt Play Fair team as a valid link, and most importantly, the only form of payment you can use is your NiteFlirt account, so it works exactly the same way as buying something off someone's listing, just with more pictures and words. There's no account to create, you just browse, then pay via NiteFlirt. It's clever, well-executed, and kind of awesome.)

So the ideal would be if I could list all my offerings without using flash, in my listing, with preview thumbnails and nice full descriptions, without hitting the 7K character limit. Now it is time for my sad face because that is impossible. /sadface

What I've settled on ... for now... until I inevitably change my mind again... is to have one of my listings converted to a "pay-to-view" listing. It's here: Galiana's Pay-To-View Listing. It has images & descriptions of 8 of my most recent / popular PTV items, with a big fat link to my MyFlirtStore store, plus it has the Flash widget.

Then my other listings will only have a few items listed with a big fat link to my PTV listing, and MyFlirtStore, and the Flash widget. I'm hoping that will be enough to redirect interested traffic. But maybe the initial interest was mostly people with a "new girl" fetish, and maybe it's unrealistic to think that I can sustain that level of interest long-term. Who knows? I think the purchasing habits of horny men are difficult to predict on this small of a scale. 

Interesting factoid about NiteFlirt pay-to-view items: when you set up a pay-to-view offering for sale, you choose which listing it belongs to, and that is the listing that gets the rating points when you give feedback. So giving feedback on pay-to-views helps just as much as feedback after calls, but it may get directed to a different listing than where you found the item. All my PTVs send feedback to my Women Home Alone -> Sex listing right now, but if I wanted to boost another listing, I'd send them there.

I need to wrap up my listing edits, and my blog post, so I can get ready to hang with out-of-town guests, and maybe go to a zombie party for an hour or so. See you after I have my fill of brains!

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