Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Confessions and Lurkers

Confessions: I got an awesome email over the weekend from someone who's been lurking - she read I See You! where I blatantly made up stories about who reads my blog, and turns out I was right - she wants to become a dominating mistress type of PSO, and she's been reading my blog for advice (I'll let you know when she launches). She said I "outed" her - too cute. It was super fun to have one of my make-believe stories turn out to be true!

OK Lurking: Last week, I revisited my love for OK Cupid's data analysis by posting this to Twitter,"Dear @okcupid data analysis team, I'm a married #phonesex worker, but I have a crush on you. This offer is not a joke: http://bit.ly/ayFgrp" The offer was that I'd give them free minutes and get off while they told me about their work.

Guess which page has been getting a couple of hits a day since then? /squeeeeeeeee Oh please oh please oh please...

P.S. If you're reading this, your analysis of bi/gay cruising habits was so awesome I almost cried.

BDSM Lurking: Yesterday a new thing popped up: someone found the blog via a Google search for: "bdsm domination submission". Most people find my blog via my phone sex listing, so the traffic goes from listing to blog, and then from blog to call, but as far as I know, nobody has yet found my blog first and then called me.

A few times each week, someone finds my blog via search, but almost always by the term "galiana chance", which means it's probably a regular customer who doesn't have the blog bookmarked, or "sybian video", which means they find this page. But since that bdsm search, this post about domination and submission has been read multiple times.

Oh, the possibilities! Oh, the stories in my head! Someone who's trying to figure out if they're interested in BDSM? Someone who knows they're interested, but trying to learn more? Someone in the lifestyle for 20 years who finds my flip-flop perspective interesting? And why did they hit the page several times? Were they interrupted? Or did they bookmark it to re-read it later? To show it to their lover? I'M SO INTRIGUED!

I should quit compulsively checking my stats, making up back-stories for blog readers, and finally organize the pictures from my Sept photo shoot for sale. But how can I, really, when data is so interesting and tasty?


  1. Can I tell you how turned on I am by your data fixation? :)

    As a new friend yesterday, just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed it -- and how much am looking forward to connecting again --


  2. Jim! Thanks for joining the world of blog commenters, and also, of course, for calling yesterday and being such fun! I'm glad you're turned on by my data fixation, because there's not much I can to do stop it... :)