Sunday, October 10, 2010

I Heart Quickies Too

I am very fortunate to have a good number of callers who usually spend 20 minutes or more with me when we talk.

Yesterday, "Office Crush", one of those normally-longer-callers, called me and said he was between meetings, but he had to pull me into his office because he just couldn't go another minute without being inside me. He pushed aside his desk papers, shoved me onto his desk, pushed my thong out of the way, unzipped, wrapped my legs around him, and fucked me hard.

Or maybe I was bent over the desk... that's funny, I can't remember the position, but I remember the come. It was a Pow! Good and hard and strong. It sounded like his come was the same way. I would have asked to confirm, but he left right after he said, "Whew, thanks baby, that's what I needed. Talk to you again soon." It felt great.

First-time caller quickie calls aren't my favorite. They feel like sex without context, and it's hard to have enough time to tune in to what would make it a really great experience.

But a quickie call from a regular caller? Where I already know you, what pushes your buttons, what naughty ideas tumbling out my mouth make you gasp a little involuntarily? Where I can ramp up fast from our shared memories and genuinely urge you on and enjoy feeling like I've helped you? Or maybe even join you?

Wham! Bam! Oh, no, really, thank YOU.

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