Friday, October 29, 2010

Storyline Part B

I love when callers continue narrative storylines from the fantasy of their previous call.

The most common continuation is when the first call is a neighbor seduction fantasy, where I seduce him, overcoming varying levels of protest. The next call is either our second time together, exploring what we left out the first time, or he's been avoiding me, but I can't help myself but come back for more.

On my first call with "Office Crush," I confessed my massive long-term crush on him and we got naughty in the conference room. The second call, we took it to a hotel room later that night, unable to keep our hands off each other after our tryst had begun so explosively. He called later "between meetings" to pull me into his office for a quickie.

Similarly, "Reluctantly Seduced", who I trapped in a side bedroom and took advantage of at a holiday party, hadn't called me back even though I'd given him number. But when I ran into him at the mall, I not-so-innocently asked him to help me pick out a dress for a wedding I was attending, and then once I had the dress, what about this lingerie too... Thankfully, after that, he just gave up and called me for our third meeting in my hot tub.

My one caller who wrestles with me in the ring keeps track of who won last time, and I try to remember tricks that kept him on the ropes for future calls. I think I'm ahead overall, because he hasn't told me the tally in a while.

One sweet babysitter had a heck of time with the dad - he caught her masturbating, which kicked off their relationship, but the next time she realized he'd been on a date and had sex with another woman! Her jealousy gave way to reluctant lust that time. But her moral demise was really sealed when he gave her slutty clothes and a trench coat and met her out back of her favorite restaurant in an alley...

And then my escort found the guy who liked dirty talking call girls working their way through college when he returned to town for another convention. This time, she went a step further, instead of just offering to be his slut, she offered to be his little painslut on a whim that he might like it a little rough.

The continuations are such fun. It feels like we are building a story together over time, and each episode adds richness and deepens the connection between the characters. Poor little sex-scrambled seducers and seduce-ees!

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