Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Day Off Repentance

In reality, I never have to apologize for taking a day off, for logging out mid-day to replenish my energy, or for missing a day of blogging.

In fantasy land with me being submissive, I obviously need to beg for forgiveness and pretend to pout and protest if you threaten to punish me. Oh no (gasp), not a spanking! Heaven forbid!

In fantasy land with me being dominant, I obviously need to reprimand you for not buying pictures of me on MyFlirtStore to keep you company while I was away. Well, all of you except the one who paid to have me featured (thank you, dearest!). The rest of you: Bad bitch. Call to talk about how you can make it up to me.

In reality, both of those paragraphs amused me greatly, and aroused me enough to let me know that I am replenished and re-energized.

In both reality and fantasy land, parts of me missed being on the phone with you yesterday.
     (Inner Slut (raising hand enthusiastically): That would be me!)
I haven't had an orgasm in over 24 hours, and I can feel the need for one.
     (Inner Slut: or five...)
I'm looking forward to today's return to normalcy all around.
     (Inner Slut: me too! me too!)
Slut, darling, we knew that.

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