Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Request for Help: Invite Listing

I am requesting help from readers who are also long-time phone sex customers. Your input, please!

I created an invite-only line for regular callers at a lower rate. Then I had a weekend where most of my calls were on the invite-only line, and it became my highest-ranked listing! That means that if someone goes to the top-level "Find Women" search, they will only see my invite-only line (only your highest-ranked listing shows up).

My request of you: Will you please drop by that listing and tell me how to improve it to meet my goals?
My goals for my invite-only listing:

  • I only want people I've invited to call that extension
  • I want to sound inviting (not obnoxious, bratty, entitled, or in any other way off-putting)
  • It should be obvious how to find my other listings
  • It should be obvious how to get invited to that listing 
  • I want enough information to be appealing 
  • I want to appeal to smart, fun, creative, sex-positive callers

If you have not yet been invited to that line: I LOVE people who interact with my blog. I LOVE people who are willing to coach me in my new career as a phone sex operator by sharing your perspectives and stories. I will move you to the invite-only line if you help me improve my offerings!

And before you warn me, yes, I know... some people call that line uninvited. It's okay, I will deal with that. I can handle people whose blood has left their brains. In fact, it's kind of my job. 

P.S. For people already invited: I realized when my listing climbed up the ratings that I would have to open it up to new frequent callers as well as you guys who helped me get established. Since the invite line isn't going to remain a secret, I am reversing my prior request at feedback - I would love official feedback there to encourage people to find my other listings. Thank you again for helping me get started, and an extra-special thank you for calling so much this weekend! It's been a yummy few days! 

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  1. Thanks for all your help, but I've discontinued the invite-only listing idea, because it was a big logistical challenge without big financial reward. Thanks to all who participated!