Saturday, October 9, 2010

Mistress Listings Updated

I updated my mistress listings. They're identical, but here are both links: 
I'm not sure they're quite right yet. Those of you who have called me on my submissive lines and asked me to top you, please drop by and tell me if it's a decent summary of the way I approach being a Mistress.

Well, actually, your opinion is always welcome, whether or not I have ever topped you, since, after all, I am a Feedback Slut.

I am enjoying being in charge more than I thought I would. No wonder you Doms enjoy it when I whimper or beg - whimpering and begging is awesome! I'd love to get more calls on my Mistress lines; your assistance is greatly appreciated!

And I'm feeling generous this evening: Anybody who responds to this blog entry with constructive feedback for any of my listings (or my blog... really, anything to help me as a PSO) gets one free pay-to-view of your choice from my storefront at MyFlirtStore: Send your feedback via the email listed in my blog profile, or via NiteFlirt email. Thanks!

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