Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Caller Sprays Enthusiasm

Tonight's second new caller happened to be the first person ever to call on the listing I recently moved from "Mature" (I'm a legit 40, but didn't get many calls there) to "Oral Sex" (clearly a better fit - it was stupid not to have a listing there). I knelt between his knees and introduced myself to his generous erection with great enthusiasm. He said the following awesome things after he came:
I had really high expectations from reading your listing and your blog, but oh my God, you were so much better than that! 
I shot across the room... I'm not even sure where that first one landed...
From your listing to your blog to your pictures that I'm 99% sure are real... You are exactly who I hope to find.
and every girl's dream:
I'll be calling back. 
I floated downstairs with happies and told my husband, who laughed and hugged me and said, "Awwww, good job, honey." I've had enthusiastic first callers before, and even other people saying nice things to me today, but something about this particular set of effusive praise hit me right where I guess I needed it today. Yummers.

Since obviously my evening can't get better than that, I'm packin' it up & callin' it a night. I look forward to making others that happy tomorrow!

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