Thursday, October 28, 2010

1K Congrats!

The systems of ratings and points on phone sex services can be confusing. I have a listing rating, a star-rating, and a super-secret ranking rating.

The super-secret ranking rating is an unpublished formula which heavily weights towards activity in the past two weeks. That rating determines where you show up if someone browses by category. So if someone hits the home page (there are 6 randomly determined listings on the home pate), then chooses "Find Women" or a subcategory underneath that like "Women Home Alone" or a sub-subcategory under that like "Sex", the super-secret ranking determines the order. Long calls, feedback, people adding money to their account while talking with you, and pay-to-view sales all factor into it. I've been as high as #5 overall (Find Women).

The star-rating is based on 1-star to 5-star feedback from callers (5 is best). Most listings have 5-star rating overall, and most people only leave 5-star feedback. My casual observation is that much 1-star feedback comes from people who previously gave that same operator 5-star feedback, so it looks like someone in that situation had a bad day. If I were choosing a provider, the written text feedback would be more important (the more articulate and specific, the better!)

The listing rating is a published formula: You gain points for positive star feedback (+2 for 5-star) and long calls (+2 for each consecutive 15 minutes), and you lose points for missing phone calls when you're supposed to be available. Those points don't fade every two weeks like the super-secret ones, so the more listing points someone has, the more phone calls you know they've made overall.

My first listing just hit 1,000 points! Actually, it hit 1,002 last night while I was on an 85-minute call, which gave me 10 points all at once. Oh, hey, or maybe it was that 4 points of new feedback which I should really send a thank-you for, but didn't notice until just now.

A thousand points in 3.5 months feels like a fantastic accomplishment. I may even treat myself to an out-of-the-house breakfast to celebrate! It seemed very far away when I first started, that's for sure. Awwwww, I feel all grown up and validated /sniffle.

Thank you!

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