Thursday, October 21, 2010

I See You!

I see you! Okay, I don't really see you specifically, but I see anonymous traffic trends, and I have fun filling in the blanks.

Over the last couple of days, someone has looked at all my posts regarding my listings and redesigns, which normally don't show up in traffic. I imagine it's another PSO, thinking about her layouts, and I hope what I've written is helpful. (Side note: This makes me realize I should have an archive of how my listings have changed over time. I have the HTML but not the screen shots. Some day when I'm bored I'll do that.)

Every time I see a traffic spike on an old post about a call, I wonder if it's that caller going back to that page. How many times has he read it? Does he only read it when he can't call? Or have I permanently reduced my call volume by giving him a way to relive a lovely memory without picking up the phone to create a new one?

When I get an overall increase without individual pages being hit, I imagine someone starting from the beginning of my blog and reading through. I wonder if it's someone who has called, or someone too shy to call? (don't worry, I usually only bite upon request) And how can I tip the scales to make him call already? It's a challenge.

Is checking stats trends three times a day semi-compulsive? Or flat-out compulsive? Annnnnnnd, what about three times an hour?

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