Saturday, November 6, 2010

Listing Sweet Spot

This week, I have had a listing on the front page of Find Women (the listing from the subcategory of Women Home Alone - Sex)(depending on the time of day, who else is logged in, and who else is not not busy). That means I was in the top 20 available women according to the super-secret ranking rating I explain in this blog post.

(Inner Editor: That's a lot of links away from this post. Do you not want people to read this?
Inner Third Person Omniscient In Charge of Exposition: Bite me, Ed. It's necessary for reader comprehension.
Inner Slut: I'll totally bite you.
Inner Third Person Omniscient In Charge of Exposition: I know. I'm omniscient, remember?) 

*Ahem* Sorry about that. Moving on...

This is the third time I've had a listing hit the front page:
  1. First my BBW listing hit the front page after about 6 weeks on the job. I later moved that listing to Sex for reasons I no longer remember.
  2. Then I did an experiment: I raised my prices, but offered very frequent callers the old rate from a listing in Other. My Sex listing dropped in ranking, but my Other listing was briefly on the front page. The problem was that my Other listing said new people couldn't call me there, so the overall result was that I almost completely stopped getting new callers, which was clearly going to be bad long-term. Experiment: unsuccessful. Oops. 
  3. So I put prices back on all my non-BDSM listings, converted my Other listing to be the same as my other non-BDSM listings, and encouraged regular callers to call my Sex listing, because it has the most feedback on it. And this week, Sex was back on the front page. 
Now that I've been on the front page of Find Women 3 times from 3 categories, I have observations:
  • It definitely means more calls overall - as much as 20% more on average (yay)
  • Getting more calls overall sometimes means that existing callers can't reach me because I'm busy (boo - that makes me sad)
  • More new calls come in from the phone instead of from the web. The dynamic is different as I describe what I look like, and wonder if I will lose them when I say I'm not a tight hot young princess type of a girl (interesting)
  • It means more new callers - who have never called me before. As high as half my calls are new callers, vs 30-40% otherwise (yay)
  • It means more very short calls (3-5 minutes) from people with pre-scripted fantasies who don't seem to hear anything I say, nor care what I have to contribute to the conversation (boo)
  • It means exponentially more emails seeking free minutes, offers for me to take over their computers (I know that is bait to hack and keylog me, don't worry), and more people asking about fantasies which violate both NiteFlirt's terms of service and my personal sense of what is sexy - underage play, incest, scat, bestiality, and violent self-torture (boo)
  • It doesn't matter which category you're in, when you hit the front page of Find Women, the dynamics seem the same (interesting)
As my Sex listing has risen in the rankings, some other listings of mine have also risen to the front page of their subcategories: 
Fantasy -> Girls Next Door: Top 5-10 ish lately
Women Home Alone -> BBW: Top 5-10 ish lately
And some subcategories used to have listings on the front page but they've fallen lately:

BDSM - Submissive Women: Was top 5-10ish, now on page 4-5
Fetish - Submissive Women: Was top 10-20ish, now on page 7
And some subcategories are rising slowly from humble beginnings:
Women Home Alone - Oral Sex: Page 3, started ~6 weeks ago
Fetish - Fem Dommes: Page 3! Holy crap! I knew I was getting more calls but I'm stunned!
BDSM - Mistresses: Page 34... so maybe not so much rising yet, is it?
Here's what I've noticed about being on the front page of a subcategory:
  • It means more new calls in that listing - as much as 20% more (yay)
  • Being buried way down in a listing - deeper than about page 5 - has the same effect as being on the front page in terms of short pre-scripted calls: more very short calls with pre-scripted fantasies who don't care what I say (boo)
  • Being on page 2-5 of a subcategory seems to weed out more of the very short pre-scripted requests (interesting)

(Inner Editor: That's a lot of bullets and lists.
Inner Accountant: It's a blog post about discrete observations, which are easier to comprehend from short bullets -- how can you not know that?
Inner Editor: Bite me. 
Inner Slut: I'll totally bite you.
Inner Editor/Accountant: We know!) 

So my conclusion is that the sweetest spot, with the optimal balance of new callers who are actually interested in interacting with me in ways I enjoy and profit from, would probably be to have a handful of listings in the top 10 of their subcategory, but my highest listing on page 2 of Find Women. Of course there is no way to control it to that level of granularity. But it would be nice.

I hope Inner Editor is wrong... at least it's interesting to me!


  1. I believe you've got a heck of a start on a publishable study! Not entirely sure *where* to publish it, of course, but there's gotta be someplace at the nexus of nerdom and carnality... :)


  2. Jim, thank you for commenting! I think nerdom and carnality have a lot of overlap, but I'm not sure I'm ready to start shopping out yet for publication - it all still feels new and exploratory. Publishers prefer more blog hits per day than I have just yet. But thank you for the vote of confidence!