Sunday, November 7, 2010

The Law of Timing

Been too long since your last phone sex call? Here are a few things guaranteed to make the phone ring:
  • Start using the toilet
  • Start making a meal
  • Start training the dog
  • Step outdoors
  • Start eating something messy
  • Start writing a complicated blog entry that has taken you a while to figure out how to structure
  • Start trying to figure out where you last left off organizing the 800+ pictures from September's photo shoot into picture packages
  • Start writing follow-up notes, which involves having 3 windows open to review history and notes
  • Start having a friendly conversation with your husband and accidentally stumble on something profound, complicated, or disagreeable
  • Start having a fascinating IM chat conversation with a friend from college who is normally too busy to chat 
These are all great things to try when it's been 2 hours since your last call and you're wondering if you've totally lost your touch and everybody's too polite to let you know...  Not, of course, that that's happened to me today. Nooooo. Not me. Unh-unh. Never. /whistle

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