Friday, November 19, 2010

Four Months, One Trend

If you click the "data" link to the left of this blog post, you'll see my observations (complaints? poutings? whinings?) about the unpredictability in the life of a phone sex operator (at least in the life of a independent phone sex contractor using the NiteFlirt platform - it's possible that it is more predictable if you are working as an employee for a phone sex company where you don't get to create your profile from your own pictures).

As of  Monday, 11/15/2010, I have been a phone sex operator for four months. Yay me!

I am now pleased to report that I have found exactly one trend: (drum roll please....)
Nobody calls from about 6-10 on Friday nights. 

Oh wait, I'm not pleased by that at all... Dammit.

But, for your amusement and education, I have noticed more confusing anti-trends:
  • I made more in September than I did in August (August was my 1st full month), even though I was away from the phones a lot for 40th birthday celebrations during September.
  • I made about 25% less in October than I did in September, even though I was available about 15% more hours.
  • When my October revenue dropped, my listings continued to go up, which suggests that October was low-traffic for everyone on NiteFlirt. Web traffic sites and phone sex operator forums corroborate. If anecdotal blame is to be believed, the slow-down was caused by technical glitches, sporting events, and Halloween parties.
  • November was not looking better until this past Wed-Thu, when inexplicably, without changing anything, I had a near-record-breaking 48-hour period (also, this is my excuse for not blogging yesterday, by the way - I was resting between calls).
  • Between last night and today, it just as inexplicably shifted back to normal-ish volumes.
  • I made more in pay-to-views during my first 30 days than I have made in pay-to-views in any subsequent 30-day period. 
And that, ladies and gentlemen, is all for this week's episode of "Why I Try Not to Analyze Data as a Phone Sex Operator (But Can't Help It)." 

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