Friday, November 26, 2010

Can't Take Me Anywhere

Tuesday night, a childhood friend was in from out of town, and we were waiting outside for a table at the popular kitschy Austin hangout she had frequented in college.

A guy in his early 20s was standing with other people in their early 20s, and he was wearing an obviously well-worn t-shirt that said, "SPHS Volleyball".

Since starting this line of work, SPH now means Small Penis Humiliation to me. We decided the extra S was for "services" and then theorized what small penis humiliation services volleyball would consist of.

A smaller ball? Mandatory racking after missed shots? Would it be like strip poker, but after you lost all your normal gym clothes, you'd slowly have to layer up in sissy lingerie and nylons? Would the winning team or the losing team have to take it up the ass? So much to consider!

I love it a lot that I have friends who find such conversations amusing. I totally win.

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